​​​​​​​Sports Department

The Sports Committee assists the Sports Department to help with organizing sporting activities and to encourage enthusiasm and involvement from the school.

The sports committee is made up of its four Year 12 leaders (one from each house) and the Sports Prefect.
The Sports Committee has a huge role to play in the success of their Houses.  There are many sporting House Events and the Sports Committee are responsible for getting their house members organized.

Responsibilities of Sports Committee

1.      Organise teams and entries for inter-house competitions and be responsible for Houses at events.  Assist with inter-sport competition set up, etc.

2.      Ensure correct sports uniform is worn, named and in good condition.

3.      Complete rostered duties for maintaining tidiness of the Sports Centre.

4.      Assist with coaching or supervising sporting groups when needed e.g. at general sport.

5.      Year 12 to be responsible for regular cleaning of sports cups and trophies.  Collect and ensure cups are clean before events from the sports department.

6.      Ensure all swimsuits and towels are hung in correct places during the swimming season.

7.      Assist on a rostered basis with after school sport.

8.      Assist with hosting of inter‑school events (e.g. quad tournament).

9.      Record results and produce reports as required of school team sports and inter‑school sport.

10.    Delegate members of the Sports Committee to be in charge of specific sporting areas e.g. netball, sports equipment, PE lost property.

11.    Assist with the care of sports equipment:

  • no equipment left outside
  • sits and gymnasium must be free of equipment
  • report any missing equipment
  • all equipment must be in good condition
  • equipment room must be orderly and tidy
  • regularly check the lost property for sports equipment
  • Role model at all times – attendance, punctuality, attitude, leadership.

12.    Role model at all times – attendance, punctuality, attitude, leadership.

2023 Senior Sports Committee

L-R: Amelie Bancks (Gartan), Gloria Allen (Columba), Ruby Hinton (2023 Sports Prefect), Erica Butt (Fraser), Tui Cave (McNeil)