PNGHS Careers staff strive to foster an environment where students can explore and expand their pathways.​​​​​​​

The Pathways Department will ensure that our students are supported on their journey in discovering the things that they are passionate about, while helping to connect them with the resources that can help make their dreams become a reality.

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Pathways helps students to move successfully from school to further study, training or jobs. The department is located in G1.

Programmes and Services offered include:

  • Individual Career Counselling and Advice
  • Gateway - courses including workplace industry based assessment
  • STAR funding of courses to lead to qualifications beyond school
  • Employment-ready units of work
  • Coordinating USkills courses

Careers/Pathways Staff:

Ms Donna Manley, HOD Pathways

Mrs Amanda Brownlie, Careers/Pathways Administrator