The Library provides students a space to find the resources and information they require for learning, as well as encouraging a love of reading.

It is a space where students can go to read, to work, to get help finding resources, and access research support.

Access to technology in the library includes Chromebook devices that students may borrow during the school day. Our eResources include eBooks and information databases that are available anywhere and any time.

Physical spaces

Our recently refurbished library provides a welcoming environment for all of our school community. The library space is flexible and designed to accommodate students working in a variety of ways. The library caters for whole class groups, and there are breakout spaces and rooms available for students to work quietly and independently, to meet together in groups, or to relax and read.

Digital access

The library’s online catalog is the portal through which students can search for books and other materials. Our borrowers can also access the eBook collection using a mobile app (Wheeler’s ePlatform) or directly at


Mrs Katie McMillan


Ms Trudy Fowler


Miss Susan Johnson

Library Assistant