The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a prestigious and well recognised award, highly regarded by employers as it shows determination, commitment, leadership and perseverance.

It is extremely popular at Palmerston North Girls’ High and aligns itself strongly with the values of the school. Currently there are over 100 students at the school undertaking their award at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

This award is nationally and internationally recognised which provides a voluntary, non-competitive programme of personal, cultural and adventurous activities. The activities are designed to support the personal and social development of young people aged 14-25 at three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. It offers an individual challenge and encourages young people to undertake exciting, constructive and enjoyable activities.


Service -
Giving help in the local community eg rest home service

Skills -
Covering almost any non-physical hobby, skill or interest

Expeditions -
Training for, practicing, planning and completing a journey on foot, cycle or horseback or by boat.

Physical Recreation -
Sport, dance and fitness

Residential Project -
​​​​​​​For the Gold level only - spending 5 or more days on a purposeful project with new companions


Friendship, enjoyment, new skills, improved abilities, excitement, wider horizons, achievement, confidence, teamwork, decision making, time management and developing connections locally, nationally and internationally.

​​​​​​​Palmerston North Girls’ High School has a large group of students involved in the award scheme (up to 100 at any one time). Bronze Awards are presented in assembly; Silver Awards at a Mayoral Presentation; Gold Award recipients travel to Wellington to receive their awards from the Governor General at a ceremony in Government House.

Every student will be linked with a coordinator – this is a teacher who provides guidance and support for students as they complete the award programme.

For more information on being involved please contact Mrs Dustin[email protected].

If you would like to find out more about the award, go to Duke of Edinburgh Aotearoa.