Buy-A-Brick: Leave a Legacy

We are thrilled to launch the

St Mary's College Buy-A-Brick and Leave a Legacy campaign.

Now is the perfect time to purchase a named engraved brick and be part of the College’s Buy-A-Brick campaign! You can both support the College and also create a very special momento in the College grounds on behalf of you, your child(ren) and/or their families, Old Girls, current students, families, current and past parents, staff, supporters and organisations are all invited to help us with this campaign as we build this wonderful walkway between our two main tower blocks and update Carlow block for the next generation.


This special fund has been established for the purpose of raising funds for the major works project that we are working on to build an accessibility bridge between the McAuley and Carlow buildings and to reroof and re-glaze the adjoining Carlow Tower. The funds raised will be in the name of St Mary’s College Wellington Ltd, the proprietor/owner of the College. All income generated used exclusively to fund these major works projects.

These works will enable students to move from one building to another at every level and provide lift access for those with access needs to our two major buildings. They will also ensure that our four- storey Carlow Block is weather-proof and that the windows have modern double-glazing with consequential heating and cooling benefits. We are using our accumulated Policy One funds, the generous gift from the Sisters of Mercy and a facility provided through the NZ Catholic Education Finance debt-servicing scheme to fund these two major projects. The total cost is currently estimated to be in excess of $5.5m but costs and standards are continuing to increase.

We need your help to cover $500,000 (half a million dollars), to enable this project to go ahead. The Accessibility Bridge project build is scheduled to start in late 2023 or early 2024, allowing us time to raise funds over this next year, to support this project.

We welcome donations from all members of the College community. Every donation will be honoured and your contribution will literally change the lives of young women today, and for years to come.

Make a donation today, and Leave a Legacy!

St Mary's College Buy-A-Brick and Leave a Legacy campaign flyer

Make a donation today, and Leave a Legacy


Donation option


Installation information

Description and image


Red Brick

$149.00 + GST = $171.35

The brick will be used as a paving edging, which will be laid around the new Accessibility walkway, in between Carlow and McAuley blocks.

Refer to the red brick image example.


Standard wording bricks can comprise of two lines of black wording in capitals, which can include up to 16 characters including spaces on each line.


Black Granite Tile

$795.00 + GST = $1150.00

A  personalised named tile will be placed on the outside of the Accessibility Walkway, a symbolic part of the College where students gather in between classes, and at break times.

Refer to the black tile image example.


They can comprise of 3 lines of white wording, with up to 16 characters including spaces on each line as a guide.


Honour Board Benefactor

$5000.00 + GST = $5750.00

Benefactor recognition is available to any organisation, family or individual that supports the Accessibility Bridge Walkway Project. The name will be placed on the Honours board, a framed certificate will be presented at the unveiling of the honours board celebration evening.

Refer to the Honour Board image example.

*All pricing includes freight and GST, as highlighted. Donate and order your brick, or tile or become a benefactor today.

We highly encourage you to share this webpage link with those who wish to contribute and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. 

Kia Ora,

Enquiries concerning this campaign, donations, financial gifts or bequests to St Mary’s College can be made in confidence to the Alumni office.

E: [email protected] 

Ph: 04 473-5554