The College receives a small amount of donated second-hand uniform and this is available for viewing and purchase at St Mary’s College Reception. The cost per item is based on the condition of the garments.  Any money received from the sale of second-hand uniform items is used to support students where there is hardship in our school community. 

To enquire about what second-hand uniform items we currently hold, you are welcome to make contact with Reception via email: [email protected] 

Note: Other sources for St Mary’s College second-hand uniforms that you could try are Facebook marketplace, Trade Me, and your local Community pages.  


We welcome the donation of any good quality second-hand uniform items that we can sell (or gift) to support student hardship in our school community.  If you have any items you can donate, please drop these off at any time to Reception at the College.

To purchase second-hand uniform,  we are available term time every Monday 1.00pm-1.30pm and 3.00pm-3.30pm. To purchase, please go directly to the College reception.

Pricing Information


2nd Hand Price

RRP (new) from NZ Uniforms


$100 - $115


Rain Jacket

$20 - $30





Vest-No Sleeves

$15 - $25



$20 - $30


Sports Hoody




$10 - $25



$15 - $30



$20 - $30


Tartan Skirt

$20 - $30





Notes: Second-hand prices are only a guideline and may vary due to the item’s condition. We do not sell shoes, hair scrunchies or backpacks. 

New items are not available for sale at the second-hand uniform. To purchase new uniform items, refer to the NZ Uniforms St Mary’s College webpage HERE.

Payment options: Payment can be made using the College EFTPOS facility. We are unable to take cash or process CREDIT CARDS. Payment is required upfront before the item can be taken away.

Donating Items

The second-hand uniform purchases run on a donation-basis, so all good, clean, resalable items are always welcome!  We do not sell on commission so if you wish to receive payment for your second-hand items, you will need to sell via Trade Me or some other similar mechanism.

On behalf of St Mary’s College, THANK YOU for supporting our service and your college.

Email: [email protected]


  • Open every Monday 1.00-1.30 and 3.00-3.30pm during the school term time. 
  • Open during school holidays upon prior arrangement.
  • Any other opening dates will appear in the Alumni monthly newsletter, Facebook/LinkedIn pages and STMW website.