Self-review and annual NZQA attestation

Schools that are a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 are required to carry out and document continuous self-review of their performance against the required outcomes and processes of the Code. Self-review is a quality assurance process assessing strengths and areas for improvement.

Signatories must attest that they are undertaking this self-review (even if they do not currently have enrolled international learners) by submitting a self-review attestation form to NZQA by 1 December. Signatories may be asked to submit a self-review report to support their attestation.

St Mary’s College uses the NZQA guidelines and their tool for the self-review process - click here for more information regarding the self-review process

Education Review Office (ERO) reviews of schools and kura with international learners

An ERO review evaluates the overall quality of education provided for international learners at your school. The evaluation audits the school's self-review and assesses:

  • how effectively the school self-reviews its performance against the Code

  • how effective its pastoral care is

  • how well it provides education that meets international learner needs and helps them progress

  • how well it integrates international learners into the school community.

Click here to view St Mary’s College latest ERO review