What ages does Bellevue Athletic Club cater for?

Bellevue Athletic Club caters for children 1 to 14 years of age.

When and where are your Club Nights held?

Bellevue Athletic Club takes place at the Tauranga Domain All Weather Track on Cameron Road. It is run on Tuesday nights from 5:20pm until approximately 6:30pm (Mini Club) and 7:30pm (for Juniors) from October to March, with a break in December.

What happens if it rains?

If the weather is too bad, a cancellation notice will be posted on Facebook by 3:30pm that same day. 

Can we try out before joining?

Visitors are welcome to come along and trial one Club Night. Please come up to the desk to register and trial as a guest for ONE NIGHT ONLY. If you enjoy this trial, then we encourage you to join the Club and take part on regular Tuesday Club Nights, where you will compete and be allocated points for attendance and participation.

Does my child need to wear a uniform?

Yes. Full uniform (bottle green shorts and branded club t-shirts/singlets) must be worn at club night and any event when representing the club for children aged 5-14 years. Club uniform can be purchased at the Domain on Club Nights or on our Secondhand Uniform Facebook page. See our uniform page for full details and changes to our uniform.

Do I need to remain at the track eack week?

Yes. There are several important reasons for this:

  • If an athlete is injured, we need a parent or caregiver to be present to make decisions about the treatment of these injuries and of course to comfort their injured children
  • If competition is cut short due to inclement weather, or for any other reason, it is not reasonable for another adult to have to wait for the athlete's parent to pick them up
  • We need assistance from parents and family to help out running the events each week
  • Finally and most importantly, one of the benefits of young children doing sport is that they are able to share their achievements with their parents. If parents aren't there, this may reduce the child's enthusiasm to participate

Where do I sew the Colgate Grade Flash?

These will be provided after registration and payment is made. Your flash must be sewn on the front left of your uniform shirt. No flash – no training at club night.

When attending Ribbon Days, or other outside competitions, you will be disqualified if your flash is not sewn on.

Replacement flashes can be purchased from the club for $5.00. Please find a committee member at the start of the evening to request a new flash, or email the club.

Can my child wear spike shoes?

Athletes Grade 10 and above may wear spikes. Only Christmas Tree Spikes are permitted at Tauranga Domain.

Spikes should be removed as soon as the event is completed, to prevent injury to others. Athletes MUST use starting blocks for all races 400m and below if they are wearing spikes.

False Starts

There are no false starts in athletics anymore, for any age. Athletes are disqualified immediately if they move before the gun, including on club nights.

Sprint starting positions

Athletes grade 7 and above must use the crouch start in all events up to and including the 400m, hurdles and relays. Athletes grade 12 and up MUST use starting blocks – even if not wearing spikes or shoes.

Club equipment

All parents and athletes are expected to assist in putting away the equipment used in their final event. Equipment should be taken to the storage area, but NOT put away. We share our storage facilities with other athletic groups and everything has its place. Committee members will be present to store the equipment in the correct place.