Junior Club (7-14)

Younger kids

Here at Bellevue Athletic Club, we implement the Athletics New Zealand Run Jump Throw programme for our 7-11 year olds in Junior Club.

Run Jump Throw is Athletics New Zealand’s foundation programme for teaching athletics specific skills to our kids aged 6-11. It’s based on the philosophy that the development of skills, in a fun participant centred environment, is the key to participation. The emphasis is on the development of fundamental movement patterns specific to athletics

We have a rotating 4 week program that allows some competition nights as well as club-focused nights where we come together and enjoy what we've learned as well as incorporating Relay and Pentathlon nights.

Our age group leaders and participating parents are crucial in the implementation of this programme, so we involve them in the development as much as we can.

Older kids

The 12-14 year olds follow a more technique focused programme, developing their skills in their preferred disciplines but still with the support of parent (and sometimes external) coaching and guidance, which is perfect for kids new to the sport of athletics. 

All age groups assemble in the central grassed area at Tauranga Domain at 5:20pm for a 5:30pm start. Club night for this age group finishes at 7:00pm depending on the program, the number of athletes competing and of course the number of parent helpers!