We are an amateur children's athletic club so rely heavily on parent help and volunteers. Our age groups are lead by parent volunteers - some have athletic experience, some do not.

We encourage our parents, if interested, to attend coaching/Officials training in their own time hosted by Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty, to empower them on club nights and in turn, help upskill our athletes.

On occasion, and dependant on availability, we invite past athletes and/or coaches to visit on club nights to share their knowledge as part of our programme. We also encourage our older athletes to step up and help our younger athletes (and sometimes parents) during club nights by demonstrating skills and techniques. This nutures a fun, positive relationship within our club, and builids confidence and leadership qualities in our older athletes.

We are always interested in new parents joining our club and adding to the skill set we already have. If you feel like you can contribute, whatever your skill level, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.