Our club shirts are shown to the right and can be purchased from the club.

NOTE - For the upcoming 2023/24 season and onwards, all junior club athletes (aged 7 and above) will be required to wear black shorts or black bike pants. This change has been made because bottle green shorts are difficult to source. We will have some good quality black bike shorts for sale on club nights but they can also be sourced from places like K-mart and the Warehouse. The manufacturer logos (e.g. nike tick) are permitted but not commerical logos e.g. The All Blacks.

Club uniform is compulsory for all athletes aged 5 - 14 years and must be worn at all club nights and external events.

UNIFORM COSTS for 2024/25 Season

These are yet to be set. Please contact us if you need to know. They will be at least what they were for 2023/24 (shown below)

2023/24 Uniform Costs
The following items will be available for purchase at the Domain on club nights (or earlier by request if in stock).

  • Singlet $50
  • T-shirt $55
  • Miniclub t-shirt $20 (up to 6 yrs)
  • Bike shorts $16
  • Hoodies $50
  • Crop Tops $tbc

A plain black, white or green t-shirt may be worn under the singlet for warmth or sun protection. NO older style club t-shirts are to be worn.

Shorts are to be plain sports shorts with no pockets, or bike shorts – not board shorts.  Athletics New Zealand rules state that shorts must be worn above the knee. Shorts must be plain with no stripes and no logos or emblems of any description. Skins are not permitted unless worn as undergarments and must not be visible below shorts.

There is a 'Mini Club' t-shirt for 5 and 6 year olds (which is optional for under 5s) at a cost of $20. Age flash must be sewn onto this t-shirt, or any other t-shirt you wish to wear on club night for Mini Club.

Age Grade Flash

An age grade flash will be issued to the athlete/parents once club registration has been paid. Age flashes must be sewn (not pinned) to the top left of the singlet or crop top.

Second-hand Uniforms

Please feel free to advertise your second-hand uniforms via our Facebook Group.