Auckland Live Showdown

​​​​​​​Auckland Live Showdown is an Auckland secondary school production competition.The aim of Showdown is to encourage young performers and foster excellence in the performing arts, raise the profile of performing arts in schools and to promote the performing arts as an option for tertiary study and as a career path. It can involve everyone from techies to actors getting acknowledgement for their work in school productions and it is a focal point for secondary school performing arts in Auckland.

This year, we have had nominations in no less than six catagories, from our school production of Puffs:

Best Set Design – Jonathan Gabriel

Best Technical Design (Lighting and Sound) – Otomar Rudolph, Thurston Lockett and Robert Jameson

Best Female in a Supporting Role – Madeline Daun-Renner - WINNER!!

Best Ensemble – The Cast

Outstanding Play – The Cast

Best Production – The Cast

In 2019, Birkenhead College student Alexandra Farley won the Best Female in a Supporting Role award, for her supporting role in the Year 13 Drama production of Bare.

We also had strong nominations in the following catagories:

Nominated -  Best Female in a Minor Role (Musical) - Piper Swanson, Spamalot
Nominated - Best Female in a Supporting Role (Musical) - Bianca Carpendale, Spamalot
Nominated - Best Female in a Leading Role (Musical) - Alexandra Farley, Spamalot