Guidance & Wellbeing

​​​​​​​It is well established by science that it is difficult to learn when our hauora is shaky. At Birkenhead College Guidance, we offer excellent face-to-face counselling that helps our students confidently navigate the challenges and obstacles that sometimes get in the way of life. We aim to fully embrace the Birkenhead College motto Where everybody is somebody, and all problems are worth dealing with. This can mean being able to get something off your chest, so that you can move on, or sometimes working on strategies and goals to manage your thoughts and feelings more effectively. 

We often work to resolve issues between friends, the anxious feelings many of us have and other concerns that get in the way of living the life we want. For serious mental health concerns we are able to make referrals to the WDHB Child and Adolescent Mental Health services, and we work with Healthwest and other external providers to successfully deliver maximum support for those who need it. We guarantee a caring, confidential listening ear and assistance.

Birkenhead College's counsellor, Kalani Chapman, is a member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, which guarantees a high level of training and professionalism. He is also a registered teacher, with a wealth of experience working with teenagers. He takes referrals from staff and parents who are worried about their young people, as well as self referrals from students. It is his top priority to build trusting, therapeutic relationships with students where they can feel safe, heard and supported. 


Birkenhead College Guidance is a fully confidential service, where what is spoken of in a session will not be shared with other staff, parents or anyone else. If the counsellor ascertains that the student, or anyone they discuss, is in immediate danger from themselves or another person, they would break confidentiality to maintain safety.


Email [email protected]

or pop a note into the appointment box outside of the Guidance Office.  

Guidance Counsellor

Mr Kalani Chapman