Physical Education & Health

​​​​​​​Physical Education is the study of how and why the body does what it does through developing and experiencing skills in a range of physical activities and games. Physical Education develops confidence and fitness, as it teaches students about personal health, well being and interpersonal skills. Our classes successfully encourage critical thinking and help students understand the role and significance of physical activity for themselves, as individuals and for wider society.

In Physical Education & Health students focus on well-being and the four aspects of Hauora. In senior years they may: learn about and apply anatomy, biomechanics and physiology to sports skills; coach junior students and examine the effect of leadership skills; demonstrate knowledge of micro and macro nutrients and nutritional imbalances; consider injury prevention and risk management in sports and recreation.​​​​​​​


If you have been diagnosed with a concussion, you will need to supply a note/email from home stating you have medical clearance before you can take part in practical PE lessons or physical activity.

We understand this can be frustrating, however it is important to follow medical advice.

HOD Ms Jenni Dryburgh

[email protected]