Social Sciences

​​​​​​​The Social Science learning area includes a broad range of subjects that focus on different aspects of how societies function. We study social settings and environments from the past, present and future, from locations within New Zealand and all around the world. The topics we cover are highly relevant to the lives of our students and relate to some of New Zealand’s and the world’s most significant social and environmental issues.

Our goal as successful Social Science educators is to equip students to become confident lifelong learners who are able to participate effectively as critical, active, informed and responsible citizens in their communities. We want them to be able to make informed choices about the issues they will face in the future. A major focus is to learn to consider different perspectives, values and viewpoints in making decisions.

Another goal is to offer pathways to future study. Most Social Science subjects continue to tertiary level, where they branch off into an even wider range of choices and combine well with many courses of study.

HOD Ms Tamsin White

[email protected]