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New to GROW or just want a basic check-in or self-review for your game, with 1 goal set? Click the button below for the simplified GROW Check-in Form (Basic - not for Panel 1 or 2 Referees)

If you are working 1:1 with a referee coach, or want to go into a deeper review of your game, setting 2-3 goals, Click below for the GROW Self-Review & Coach Feedback Form (Full)

Scroll down the page to learn more about the GROW Review Process, and what the rationale is behind this model of feedback and learning.

Our Referee Coaches

Accessing a referee coach is simple, and highly recommended. If a referee reaches out to engage with a referee coach, it shows the willingness to learn and to be open to a coaching conversation.

Your first step should be your Panel Manager - let them know you would like a coach to see you in an upcoming game. If you wanted to work 1:1 with a coach on a regular basis, click below for a list of our referee coaches and their contact details. Reach out to them, or have your panel manager make an introduction.


One of the most important roles within our club is to make our people better at what they do, whether that is refereeing or coaching referees.The G.R.O.W. Model is a simple yet powerful framework for structuring coaching conversations and written reports. As a coach, when you arm yourself with this proven technique you unlock the athlete's ability to grow not only as a referee but also as a person.

As a referee, when you arm yourself with this proven technique you become the master of your own destiny. You are able to OWN your own growth and development.

The G.R.O.W. Model was originally developed in the 1980's by business coaches Graham Alexander, Alan Fine and Sir John Whitmore.

A good way of thinking about the G.R.O.W Model is to think about how you'd plan a journey.

G. First, you decide where you are going (the goal),
R. You establish where you currently are (your current reality),
O. You then explore various routes (the options) to your destination and
W. In the final step, (way forward), you ensure that you're committed to making the journey, and are prepared for the obstacles that you could meet on the way.

In previous models of referee coaching, the coach would observe the referee during a match, sometimes without the referee even aware that they were being observed. No communication between the referee and referee coach had occurred prior to the match, so chances are, the referee had set no goals for the match, or if they had, these weren't communicated to the referee coach.

Using the G.R.O.W Model the referee is FRONT AND CENTRE of the entire process.

Taking notes during the G.R.O.W model conversation, once the conversation has been completed, the referee should be in a good position to complete the remaining sections of the G.R.O.W Referee Self Review and Coach Feedback Form.

The referee sends the completed form to their coach who inserts their comments into the relevant sections of the report.

The Referee Coach sends the completed report back to the referee and sends a copy to the Referee Administrator at [email protected] for storage in the Referee Coaches Reports folder a central location.

To download G.R.O.W. Model resources, click on the links below.

To download G.R.O.W. Model resources, click on the links below.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Referee Manager

Jackson Reuben-Swinton

Mobile: 027 406 9638
​​​​​​​Email: [email protected]