2023 Sporting Colours

Each year Iona College recognises and awards students for their achievements in academic studies, sporting and performing arts pursuits. These awards are as follows:


  • Sporting and Performing Arts Colours - Merit badge (first time) and appropriate coloured stone recognising excellence and outstanding achievement along with a valuable contribution within the school.
  • Service - Certificate recognising students who have given steadfast and loyal service to their chosen area.
  • High Achievement (junior or senior) - Certificate recognising students who have performed consistently and with skill but who are not quite at the Colours level.
  • Commended - Certificate recognising the valued contribution of a student, who is usually a junior, to a sporting team or cultural group.


  • Nominations must be made in writing on the appropriate form by the student, a member of staff or the coach/manager.​​​​​​​


  • Recommendations are considered by the Colours Committee consisting of the Principal, Director of Sport and Director of Performing Arts.
  • For a student to receive Colours in sporting or performing arts areas, the recipients must meet all three of the criteria outlined below.
  • For Service and High Achievement awards the recipients must be perceived by the school community to have met the majority of the criteria.
  • Re-awards can be given.
  • A student can receive Colours in more than one sporting or performing arts activity.