Performing Arts

Performing Arts Information for 2021

At Iona College we continue to be engaged with Performing Arts and we recognise the benefits of The Arts for social inclusion, personal well-being and for helping our young people grow in confidence showcasing success in their chosen area of performance. 

Performing Arts within New Zealand schools have shown tremendous growth and progressive schools are embracing the opportunity to be leaders in this field of activity. 

We are passionate about Performing Arts and will continue to work to increase the opportunities to include all students in the area of Performance and empower them for life.  Iona College Students are encouraged to take part in Extra Curricular Activities as well as Co Curricular - In most instances each student has to participate in at least ONE activity during the year.  Iona College has a vast range of private tutors and these are encouraged especially if your daughter has participated previously in music, dance or drama  and wants to continue to increase her skills. 

If your daughter is actively involved in out-of-school activity, an exemption from co-curricular activities can be applied for from the Director of Performing Arts.  

On the following pages we are pleased to present our range of Performing Arts Activities. 

Please choose carefully - when you register you will be committed to this activity for Term 1 or in some instances the whole year.  All activities are subject to sufficient numbers.  Some activities may require an audition.