The Services Academy programme has been established at Kaitaia College with the support of The Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Defence Force.  Students should be in Year 12 or 13, and each level is a one year programme. The Academy‚Äôs role is to identify, support and upskill 20 senior students, and to ensure that they have the best possible start in a career within the New Zealand Defence Force with our guidance and mentoring.


To provide an effective teaching and learning environment that is both purposeful and stimulating. Enabling personal achievement in all areas of both life and career education.


We aim to foster skills and values that enable students to take a positive role in society in the career of their choice and their local community.


The aim of this academy is to provide an opportunity for the students to push individual boundaries, find new physical and mental limits, to encourage teamwork, discipline, and competitiveness and to develop skills that will ensure a career within the New Zealand Defence Force.


  • To provide a link between the societal skills and Career aspirations and create a meaningful learning experience that allows the Academy members to achieve to the best of their ability.
  • To expose the students to skills required making self and grouping improvements in a meaningful context.
  • To identify and enhance the Academic and physical skills and knowledge of the students participating.
  • To promote Leadership, discipline, self-pride, goal setting and self-assessment to ensure that all AM (Academy Members) reach their full potential and achieve the ultimate goal of being recruited in their chosen field and service.
  • That the students become role models within their own families, peer group, schools and local community.
  • Create and reinforce community links with Academy members participating and contributing to community events/projects.