Our Kura are fortunate to have an awesome group of students as our Taha Tinana (sports) Committee. They are always busy organising sporting events and/or inter-whanau activities for our tamariki. With the help our our Sport Co-Ordinator, our students have the opportunity to be involved in sports such as Ki o Rahi, Indoor Hockey, Futsal, 2Up and Volleyball to name a few.  The Taha Tinana members can also be seen assisting on Athletics and Swimming Sports Days.  Any students from Year 9-13 that are interested in applying to be a member of the Taha Tinana Commmittee can collect an application form from the student centre in October/November to apply for the following year.  


Left to Right

Back Row: Aleeshia Ujdur, Tamzin Bamber, AJ Vemoa
Middle Row: Janita Brown (Sports Co-Ordinator), Taylor Masters, Harry Hone,

Ebony Margison, Ati Ioane, Jahzara Takimoana, Ryan de Lisle (Sports Assistant)
Front Row: Teina Dye, Karis Roberts, Shannon Edwards, Ayden Langlands, Samuel Yates, Sydnee Archer, Brydie Harrison
Absent: Robbie Dawson, Caolan Price, Mikey Tangimoana, Theo Van Der Mei,
TJ Waitai-Roberts


Left to Right

Back Row: Ebony Margison, Maraea Witana
Middle Row:Taylor Masters, Ayden Langlands, Jack Doyle, Cole Carey
Front Row: Kara Wallace, Beverly Thompson, Amelie Jennings, Brydie Harrison,
Marcelle Petera
Absent: Charlie Doak


Left to Right

Back Row: Taylor Masters, Amelie Jennigns, Aaron Hartnell
Front Row: Pepita Griffiths, Waimate Waaka, Rhyannon Te Wake, Tilly Te Paa,
                   Michaela Bell, Brydie Harrison
Absent:     Sadius Cook-Savage, Brody Finlayson, Max Lilly, Brody Tamarua



Left to Right

Back Row:
Middle Row:
Front Row:


Left to Right

Back Row:   Brooke Anderson, Malcolm Tatnell, Valentino Eyer, Sergio Hansen,
                     Cole Rumsey, Harlym Reihana-Ruka, Shelby Neho
Front Row: Renee Walters-Price, Juliette Desborough-Mitcalfe, Nita Kaaka,
                    Evangeline Liddicoat, Gemma Murray, Aleesha Rogers


Left to Right

Back Row:    Atarangi Heta, Drew Sloane, Phoenix Pivac
Middle Row: John Bell, Peter Smith, Hayden Jurlina
Front Row:   Ellie McMahon, Kanjin Lawrence, Cameron Leslie,
                     Connor Dent, Yazmin de Caigney


Left to Right

Back Row: Ashleigh MacGibbon, Justice Karena, Nadia Matthews (Albert) ,
Creole Wallace-Waaka, ​Rhys Thomson , Taylor Naera,
Front Row:  Kurt Silva, Kayne Bell, Conor Dent, Hohepa Lewer 


Left to Right.
Back Row: Waihoroi Papali'i-Smith, Kayne Bell, Damyian Windelborn-Rawiri, Kiran Heta
​ , Connor Whitley-Sui'a

Front Row: Haidee Switzer,  , Madison Munroe, Riana King, Holly Thomson, Ashleigh MacGibbon,


Left to Right

Back Row: Alex Billot, Monte Pawa Jnr, Kevin Job   ,Waimirirangi Papali'i-Smith
Front Row: Kirsty Graydon, Jethro Robbins, Paige Scutt