Full attendance is very important.

Students cannot achieve at school without full attendance.  We encourage parents to avoid scheduling family events during term time.

If your child is absent from school, please send a written note with them when they return to school to explain their absence.

Prior permission from the Principal is required for extended absence other than sickness or bereavement.

If you wish to email us to explain the reason your student is away from school for any time, you can email our Attendance Officer: Donna Subritzky - [email protected] 

We do ask that you leave a contact phone number in the event that the Manukkura (Dean) wishes to ring you back.


As the school uses KAMAR for our Student Management System.

Skool Loop App (formerly known as Parent Teacher app)

We have a FREE calendar app available to all parents, students and teachers.

It is called the Skool Loop app and can be accessed via your mobile phone or tablet.  It should also allow parents to report absentees to our main office.

Click here  to download for android(Google Play Store)

Click here  to download for itunes

Once you have downloaded the app, simply select Kaitaia College from the dropdown list, then press select.

You will see the calendars that appear on this website.  NOTE: Only YOU can see what you have on your "personal" calendar.

To Report an Absentee via This App:

  • With the calendar open and Kaitaia College selected, click on the "i" at the top right-hand side of the app. (This will take you to the home page)
  • Click on the "Report Absentee" button, then select Gmail.
  • Compose your email and send.


January 2022