The Vocational Pathways provide new ways to structure and achieve NCEA Level 2, the foundation for successful transitions to further education and work.  They enable students to see how their learning is relevant for a wide range of jobs and study options in six broad sectors of industry:

These pathways help students see how their learning and achievement is valued in the workplace "real world". Employers will be able to see learner strengths, abilities, interests and achievements when they look at the Vocational Pathways information.

Vocational Pathways Profile

Profile Builder is a clever tool on the Youth Guarantee website that helps students explore their study options and plan their programme.  Parents, Whānau​​​​​​​ and family can see where their students are heading and help them think about were they would like to go by inputting the achievement standards they are currently doing or might like to do, to build an individual profile.

Students can see their Vocational Pathways Profile whenever they login to their NZQA Learner Login.

Vocational Pathways Award

To achieve the Vocational Pathways Award, a student must:

  • achieve NCEA Level 2 which includes literacy (10 credits) and numeracy (10 credits) at Level 1 or above, and
  • achieve 60 x Level 2 credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards for a Vocational Pathways, including 20 x Level 2 credits from Sector-Related Standards for the same sector. Credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards and Sector-Related Standards must come from the same Vocational Pathway e.g Primary Industries.

Students can achieve more than one Vocational Pathways Award if they complete more than one Vocational Pathway.

Students can see any Vocational Pathways Award they have achieved through the learner login.  
Achievement is recorded on the learner's Record of Achievement.

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Curriculum Overview and Vocational Pathways

You will see in our on-line curriculum handbook that each subject has a Vocational Pathways column indicating the pathway/s each standard is linked to.  These are shown as coloured letters, ie, C&I, M&T, PI, SI, SC, CI which
represent each Vocational Pathway. These are recommended pathways.  If the letters are underlined, it means they are sector-related pathways. 

This information should help student when deciding the subjects to take at our Kura with regard to their career choices.


The above information has been gathered for you from the NZQA and Youth Guarantee websites.
Also, Te Puke High School.

Vocational Pathways FAQ's
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