December 3rd: walked around the new subdivision at Titoki Rise, Ranui. 9

Sunday 6th: Viewed the newly mowed grass at the new Coverdale house at Lake Panorama followed by a lovely shared lunch.

10th: Border Rd bridge to Opanuku Stream. Walked along the new streamside track as far as the Pony Club where ceramic feathers were being set in the concrete. 9

16th: Trip to Bethells with a walk to the lake followed by shared lunch at Val's home. 13.


Sunday 8th: Trip to Tiri Tiri Matangi Island. 12.

19th: Max led us down Virginia St to see the construction of the walking bridge from Border Rd. 8

26th: Sturges Rail Station, Rathgar Rd, Maurice Borich, Frank Evans, Metcalfe Rd. 11


1st: Sturges Rd Rail Station, Swanson Rd, Metcalfe Rd. 11

8th: Metcalfe Rd, bottom of Don Buck Rd, through the walkway to Scarlet Rd, through Starling Park to Ranui. Cuppa at Ranui's Tea Tree Cafe. 10

11th: 11km Waitakere Fun Walk 8am Sunday at the Trusts Stadium. Congratulations to our four finishers who finished the 11km walk in less than one hour 43 minutes.

22nd: Sturges Rail Station, Lebanon Lane and back up through the park via Harvest Drive. 13

29th: Through Ranui Domain to Swanson Rd to the Pigeon Pole and back via Luanda Drive. 11


3rd: Along Brookwood Drive to Lake Panorama walking uphill to Sturges Rd and returning via Toledo and Chadlington Ave.

10th: Burgundy Park Ave, up Midhurst Ave to Palamino shops, down Border Rd and along the Opanuku Stream track to Shona Reserve. Up Rhinevale Close and back along Summerland Drive. 1 Hour. Date scones for morning tea. 11

17th: Walked to Sturges Rd Rail Station, then down to Opanuku Stream and along to Shona Reserve, then up the hill to Palomino drive and had coffee at the new Cafe at the Palomino Video Centre. 11


20th: Swanson Cemetery. 7.4kms. 11

27th: We walked via Rathgar Rd and side streets as far as Kingdale Reserve and back. Two falls on the way back. 11


2nd: Up to the top of Metcalfe Road, down View Ridge Drive, down Milli Way, along Pooks Road and back via Munroe Road.

9th: Sturges Railway Station, Smythe Road, past Henderson High School, Keeling Road, Vintage Drive, Harvest Drive. 14. 

Wednesday 29th: Six of us went to Goldies Bush with Waitakere Walks group.30th: Metcalfe Road, Frank Evans Place, Maurice Borich Place, Sturges Railway Station. 


4th: Palm Heights to end of San Valentino Drive. 12. Wedding cake for morning tea.

11th: Metcalfe Road to Swanson Road then up to Ranui township, Ranui Railway Station and back via Monroe Road. 7.

18th: Palomino Drive, up Tirohunga Drive, down San Domingo, to end of San Valentino returning via Chadlington Ave. 12.