2010 Highlights


16th: Short walk via Spence Rd and over newly opened Sturges Rd bridge. 8

11th: Trip to Cornwallis.

2nd: Walked along Pooks Rd area of Ranui and back along Metcalfe Rd. 15


11th: Corbans Estate. 15

18th: Metcalfe Rd, Simpson Rd 6.5km. 14


7th: Walked around Lake Panorama. 8

14th: Starling Park Ranui


30th: Walked to Henderson Railway Station to see new billboards of the legend of Tom Skeates, etc. 12


13th: Sunday Trip to Mangere Bridge, walking over the old bridge to Waikaraka Cemetery, then back over the new bridge. Picnic lunch at Ambury Park.

3rd: Walked along Pooks Rd, up Mili Way and down Metcalfe Rd. 15


27th:  Walked up Metcalfe Rd, along Simpson Rd and down to Lake Panorama. 12

13th: Walked to Cranwell Park to see the remains of the Elvis Memorial. 15

6th: Walked down Metcalfe Rd to Frank Evans Place and back via the Sturges Rail Station. 16


15th: Walked to Swanson Railway Station for morning tea, and back. 14

8th: Walked to the second-hand shop at Swanui, then back to Tea Tree Cafe at Ranui for morning tea.

1st: Walked to Sunnyvale Railway Station to see the new paintings. 11


25th: Walked up to Virginia St, along the new Henderson Valley cycleway to Border Rd

18th: Walked to Sturges Rail Station, along Swanson Rd, left into Brick St and over the bridge to view the railway line. Returned via Metcalfe Rd and Paremuka Lake. Approx 6km. 12.

11th: Walked to Titoki Rise subdivision, Ranui. 9.

4th: Walked to the top of Sturges Rd and back to Community House. 6.4kms. 12.


25th: Walked along the Opanuku cycleway from Border Rd to Henderson Park. 10.

18th: Walked to the pigeon statue at Ranui. 14.

4th: Walked to the Swanson Cemetery. 12.

Sunday 24th: Mairangi Bay walk to Browns Bay via the beach. Lunch at Bo and Phil's. 8.

21st: Walked to Border Rd, Henderson Valley Rd via the new walkway at the back of the Pony Club.