Alphabetical list of Parks and Reserves within a 3 km radius of the Sturges West Community House - all 69 of them

Alan Reserve, playground at 13 Alan Avenue, off Larnoch Road, Henderson. Who was Alan?

Armada Reserve, walkway between Luanda Drive and Owen Freeman Place, Ranui.

Astelia grandis Reserve, swamp kaurigrass at 23 Chelmsley Ave, Henderson Heights. 

Babich Reserve, playground at 98 Babich Road North, Ranui. 

Babich Road Drainage Reserve, pond at end of Babich Road, Ranui.

Border Road Esplanade Reserve, Wai O Panuku downstream, Henderson.

Bruce McLaren Memorial Park, racing car themed playground at 82 Hindmarsh St, Henderson South. 

Burtons Drive Reserve off Candia Road.

Catherine Esplanade, bridge across Oratia Stream at end of Pioneer St, off Catherine St, Henderson. 

Clearview Heights walkway to Cirrus Way Drainage Reserve, Ranui. 

Corban Estate, walkway under the railway line and beside Opanuku Stream, Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson.

Corban Estate Esplanade, concrete path to Winery Way beside the bridge from Henderson Park.

Corban Green, "The Hub" at 27 Corban Avenue, Mc Laren Park.

Corban Reserve, grassed paddocks over the old rubbish dump at 130-136 Henderson Valley Rd.

Coroglen Reserve, mature trees at 1-5 Glenarden Way, Ranui.

Corran Reserve, playground at 5-7 Dunbarton Drive, Ranui. 

Cranwell Park, memorial to orchardists at the confluence of Henderson's Twin Streams, Alderman Drive, Henderson.

Cranwell Esplanade Reserve, walkway under the Sel Peacock Rd bridge and Mill Stream.

Don Buck Corner, playground and memorial on the corner of Don Buck Rd and Glen Road, Ranui.

Elvira Walk, concrete path at end of Elvira Place, Ranui.

Epping Esplanade Reserve, beside Henderson Creek, 115 Buscomb Ave, Henderson. Click here

Espalier Reserve, Espalier Drive, Henderson Heights.

Fairdene Reserve, playground at Fairdene Ave, Henderson.

Falls Park, Alderman Drive, Henderson.

Featherstone Park, playground and mature Norfolk Island pines trees at 73-79 Swanson Road, Henderson.

Ferngrove Park, playground at 1-7 Ferngrove Avenue, Henderson Heights.

Forest Hill Park, grass walkway from Henderson Valley Rd to 15A Forest Hill Road, Henderson South.

George Ward Park, memorial to centanarian orchardist (1915-216) who lived on the corner of Harvest Drive.

Glen Normen Reserve, concrete walkway from 93 Rathgar Road, Henderson.

Greenberry Reserve, concrete path under mature oak tree, 37 Munroe Road, Ranui.

Gus Nola Park, playground named in memory of orchardist at 40 Chadlington Ave, Henderson Heights.

Hamblyn Reserve, walkway from Armada Drive to Hamblyn Place, Ranui.

Hart Domain, playground, concrete taniwha and bullock sculpture at 1-3 Vitasovich Drive, Henderson.

Henderson Park, playground, sports field, frisbee course and walkway beside the Opanuku Stream. Wilsher Crescent.

Henderson Valley Green, walkway between 309 Henderson Valley Rd and 45 Misty Valley Drive.

Henderson Valley Park, playground, toilets and Pony Club at 201A Henderson Valley Rd.

Henderson Valley Road Esplanade Reserve, beside Opanuku Stream. 341-347 Henderson Valley Rd.

Hindmarsh Green, McLaren Park

Howard Reserve, Western Heights

Japanese Garden, beside Henderson Railway Station

Kensington Gardens, Western Heights.

Lucienne Drive walkway beside drainage reserve.

Martin Jugum Reserve, Ranui.

Mili Way Reserve, Ranui

Murillo Reserve, off Border Rd.

Newey Corner, Edmonton Rd, Henderson.

Opanuku Reserve at Henderson Valley Rd

Opanuku Stream Reserve at Garelja Rd

Palomino Esplanade Reserve, Palm Heights

Paremuka Esplanade at Brookwood Drive.

Paremuka Lakeside.

Paremuka Wetland at Lake Panorama Drive.

Pioneer Park, Henderson

Plumer Domain beside Opanuku Stream.

Pooks Reserve, Ranui

Rhinevale Close

Rotary Park, Corban Hill Henderson.

San Bernadino Reserve

Semillon Reserve 

Shona Esplanade Reserve beside Opanuku Stream

Starling Park, Ranui

Sturges Park n Ride

Sun Place Esplanade Reserve, Ranui

Tui Glen, Henderson

Urlich Esplanade Reserve beside Waimoko Stream, Ranui

Vintage Reserve

Vitasovich Esplanade, bullock sculpture.

Waitemata Corner, Swanson Road, Ranui.

Welcome Place Drainage Reserve, off Maurice Borich Pl.

Westglen Park, off Munro Rd

Xena Park, Lake Panorama