Thursday 27th: Vitasovich Reserve

Thursday 20th: Tui Glen. 6.2kms.  Click here

Tuesday 18th: Sun Place Esplanade Reserve. Click here

Thursday 13th: Starling Park, Ranui. 6.35kms. Click here

​​​​​​​Tuesday 11th: Semillon Reserve and Shona Reserve. 5.5km. Click here

Thursday 6th: San Bernadino Reserve. Lunch at Swanson.

Tuesday 4th: Too much lightening to walk.


Thursday 27th: Pooks Reserve and Burton's Drive Reserve.

Tuesday 25th: Paremuka Lakeside and Rhinevale Reserve.

Thursday 20th: Palomino Reserve, returning via Henderson Valley

Tuesday 18th: Paremuka Stream to Lake Panorama.

Thursday 15th: Opanuku Reserve and Opanuku Stream Reserve. 6.2kms.

Tuesday 13th: Martin Jugum Reserve. Click here

Thursday 8th: Mili Way Reserve and Lucienne Drive stormwater reserve

Tuesday 6th: Japanes Garden at Henderson. Red Cross Rock and Transformer Rock.

Information on the sculptural rocks Click here 

Thursday 1st: Wet walk to Hindmarsh Green and Murillo Reserve.


Tuesday 30th: Henderson Valley Green, Howard Reserve and Kensington Garden.

Thursday 25th: Ferngrove Reserve, Greenberry Reserve and Hamblyn Reserve. 6kms. Click here

Tuesday 23rd: Forest Hill Park and Henderson Valley Park. Click here

Thursday18th: Falls Park, Henderson

Tuesday 16th: Espalier Reserve, Fairdene Reserve, Featherstone Park, Glen Norman Reserve.

Thursday 11th: Elvira Walk, Ranui. Click here

Tuesday 9th: Epping Esplanade. 6.15kms.

Thursday 4th: Don Buck Corner, Glen Road, Ranui

Tuesday 2nd: San Pablo Place, Palm Heights.


Thursday 27th: Corban Reserve, Henderson Valley Rad. Kiwi Trikers HQ.

Tuesday 25th: Cranwell Esplanade Reserve and Cranwell Park. Click here

Thursday 20th: Coroglen Reserve and Corran Reserve at Ranui. Click here

Tuesday 18th: Corban Esplanade Reserve, Winery Way, Corban Art Gallery.

Thursday 13th: Clearview Heights at Ranui. Click here

Tuesday 11th: Pooks Road - Candia Road loop. Click here

Thursday 6th: Catherine Esplanade Reserve. 6kms. Click here

Tuesday 4th: Bruce McLaren Memorial Park. 6.3kms. Click here


Thursday 30th: Border Road Esplanade. 5.3kms. Click here

Tuesday 28th: Armada Reserve, Ranui. 5.7kms Click here

Thursday 23rd: Alan Reserve, off Larnoch road, Henderson. 6kms. Click here

Tuesday 21st: Babich Road North Reserve, off Metcalfe Road.

Thursday 16th: Lake Panorama Drive - Simpson Rd - Babich Rd Nth.

Tuesday 14th: Stephen Ave. New three-storey housing behind the old Lincoln Wines.

Thursday 9th: Carnarvon at Lincoln Rd. 5.6kms. Click here

Tuesday 7th: Mili Way Ranui and back via Eelman. 6.2kms. Click here

Thursday 2nd: Tabitha Crescent - Henderson Valley Park. 6.1kms


Tuesday 31st: Simpson Rd. OAK TREE near Summerland Drive cut down.

Thursday 26th: A new street named Waitoro Lane, off Coburg St - Garelja Rd. 5.8kms. Click here

Tuesday 24th: Lake Panorama - San Bernadino

Thursday 19th: Smythe Road - Serjeant St loop 6kms. Click here

Tuesday 17th: Milli Way Ranui 5.56kms Click here Morning tea provided by Ryman, thank you very much.

Thursday 12th: Henderson High School 5.55kms Click here

Tuesday 10th: One hour walk in the rain. Palm Heights.

Thursday 5th: Edwin Freeman Place at Ranui

Tuesday 3rd: Golden gumboot at Henderson Valley road 6.8kms. Click here


Thursday 28th: Lake Panorama - Simpson loop Click here

Tuesday 26th: Lincoln strip. 6kms. Click here

​​​​​​​Thursday 22nd: Walkway of Fame

Tuesday 20th: Harvest Drive - Swanson Rd - Metcalfe Rd 6kms Click here

Thursday 14th: Corban Reserve at Valley road. Almost 7kms. Click here

Tuesday 12th: Only six hardy walkers in the rain to Lake Panorama.

Thursday 7th: Pooks Road - Candia - Ranui. 6.39kms  Click here

Tuesday 5th. Palm Heights 5.95kms Click here


Thursday 31st. Lunch at Swanson RSA

Tuesday 29th. Corban Estate to view a large metal weta. Click here

Thursday 24th. Border Rd - Opanuku stream - Virginia St. Parrs Park for Anne's group.

Tuesday 22nd. Pooks Rd, Hetherington Rd, Ridge View and down Metcalfe Rd.

Thursday 17th. Top of Sturges Rd.

Tuesday 15th. Paremuka perambulation 5.75km Click here

Thursday 10th. Lake Panorama Drive, Gerda Place and Clearview Heights Ranui. 5.58kms Click here

Tuesday 8th. Corban Estate. Saw carved cloak artwork. Click here for route

Thursday 3rd. Coburg St, Garelja Rd. 

Tuesday 1st. Ranui rail crossing new pedestrian gates. Starling Park.


Thursday 26th. Metcalfe - Simpson - Lake Panorama.

Tuesday 24th. Rathgar Rd, Pinedale Pl, TeKanawa Cres.

Thursday 19th: 7.45km. Birdwood Rd to see the car in the carport under the fallen pine tree. Click here

Tuesday 17th: Palomino - Opanuku - Vintage Dr. 6kms. Click here

Thursday 12th: Trip to Ponsonby, St Marys Bay, up Jacobs Ladder to the Bishops Palace.

Tuesday 10th: Wet weather. 3/4 hour walk.

Thursday 5th: Brookwood, Palomino, Eyre St. Click here

Tuesday 3rd: Rathgar Rd, Larissa


Thursday 29th: Kensington - Brookwood Click here

Tuesday 27th: Swanson - Metcalfe Rd

Thursday 22nd: Pooks Rd - Candia Rd Nth

Tuesday 20th: Henderson Valley Rd. 6.17km

Thursday 15th: Mill Cottage, Sel Peacock Drive

Tuesday 13th: Rathgar Rd

Thursday 8th: Opanuku stream via Spence Rd and Palomino Drive Click here

Tuesday 6th: Ranui Ave, Simpson Rd, Milli Way, Pooks Rd Click here

​​​​​​​Thursday 1st: Top of Sturges Rd 6.17kms. Click here


Tuesday 27th: Taniwha at Hart Reserve 6.89kms Click here

​​​​​​​Thursday 22nd: Palomino Drive, Opanuku walkway, San Marino Drive loop Click here

Tuesday 20th: Lake Panorama - Simpson Rd loop. 5.85kms. Click here

​​​​​​​Thursday 15th: Corbans Depot Click here

Tuesday 13th: No walk. Too wet.

Thursday 8th: Ranui via Freeman Oak and Elvira Reserve. 6.11 kms. To view Click here

Tuesday 6th: Public holiday. No walk.

Thursday 1st: Waitakere Hospital to look around the craft market. Click here


Tuesday 30th: Walked round the back of Corban Estate following the Opanuku Stream. Click here

Thursday 25th: Metcalfe Rd - Swanson Rd loop via Martin Jugum, Riserra, Rakich, Brick St, including the smell of corned beef at Mihini Rd.  Click here

Tuesday 23rd: Lake Panorama Drive - Simpson Rd - Babich Hill Drive Click here

Thursday 18th: Waitakere Gardens 

Tuesday 16th: Carpool to TeAtatu Peninsula. Delicious morning tea.

Thursday 11th: 6.5km. Ranui Station Road and Western Park Village Click here

Tuesday 9th: Henderson Reserve via Rhinevale Close. Click here

Thursday 4th: Wet weather but ten stalwarts braved the rain.

Tuesday 2nd: Henderson Reserve beneath shady trees but with Vintage Drive hill to finish.