2011 Highlights

December: Walked to look at the newly installed Sturges Road rail bridge handrail with red metal hoops.


29th: Pooks Rd

27th: A longer walk to Waitemata Table Tennis Club. 9kms

22nd: Walked to Lake Panorama then up the hill to Simpson Rd, down Metcalfe Rd.

15th: Walked to see the NEW white picket fencing on the Opanuku bridge at Henderson

8th: Metcalfe Rd, Frank Evans Place, Sturges Rail Station.


Walked to the Pigeon totem pole at Ranui.

Walked to Corbans Art Centre to see metal sculptures.

Walked to Virginia St then down past the Pony Club to Border Road.

Walked to Starling Park at Ranui.


Walked around Riverhead and had lunch at the newly renovated Riverhead pub