2015 Highlights 

March : Waikumete Cemetery walk. Great view over Auckland from the hill beside the water reservoir.

February: Checked out the new stormwater pond and walkway between Babich Hills subdivision and the end of Babich Road.

February: Beware of the gap between the concrete path and the grass - result = ankle in plaster. 6 weeks off walking.

Checked out the new walkway at Korihi Drive, Kanuka Glen subdivision beside Blewitt Stream and Waimoko Stream, Swanson. Access from O'Neils Road.

January 27th, Tuesday: Walked to Brick St to look at the new Hindu Temple that opened on Saturday. The top of the dome shaped roof is a new landmark seen from the Sturges West Community House.

January 29th: Trip to Pine Harbour on the ferry and walk to Beachlands for bakery lunch.

January: Morning tea at local homes while the Community House was closed. Christmas cake at Mark's. Cool strawberry and yogurt iceblocks at Rosie's. Delicious steamed buns and pork crackling for morning tea at Michael's ~ Thanks to all those who opened their homes, for their great hospitality.