Club Membership

Full Members are entitled to play in all Club events, Bowls Wellington Centre events and at particular events at another club that is affiliated to Bowls New Zealand.

Life Members are recognised as having rendered outstanding service to Tawa Bowling Club.  They may be full playing or non-playing club members.  At present, a maximum of 10 people may be granted life membership at any one time.

Honorary Members are previous Full Members who are presently unable, through illness or other sufficient cause, to play bowls and who, having taken an active and prominent part in the affairs of a bowling club in Tawa, have been classified by the Executive as an Honorary Member, for the time being.

Limited Playing Members are those members who can only play in bowls events within the boundary of the Tawa Bowling Club and may not participate in club championships, centre or national events, or at any events at another bowling club.

Midweek Women Limited Playing Members are eligible to enter in the Midweek Women Drawn Pairs and Midweek Women Progressive Pairs.

Associate Members are full members of another Bowling Club and are entitled to play on our Club's greens and participate in clubhouse and social activities.  While they are not eligible to play in club championship matches or represent our club in outside competition, they may play in Club days and roll ups and enter the Club's graded/handicap events.  Our club dress code applies.

Social Members wish to have an ongoing association with our Club and are entitled to participate in social and clubhouse activities.

Student Members are currently attending school, or a higher learning institution, and are under the age of 20 years, as at 1 July 2020.

Plural Membership (being a member of more than one Club)

Casual Players attend the club to take part in a particular event (corporate / social), usually on a fee per event basis, and are welcome to make use of the Clubs' facilities.  Casual players need to sign in the Visitor Book.

lnterclub (including Pennant and mid-week competitions).  A player can only represent one Club in any season - that is, the Club he/she first plays for.

Open Tournaments (except mixed competition). A player can only represent one Club in any season. i.e., the club he/she plays for first in lnterclub or Open Tournament event.

Champion of Champion Events players may enter a Club Championship discipline at only one club of which they are a full member.  However, players may enter Club Championships at more than one club of which they are full members in other disciplines e.g. a player may enter the Club Championship Singles at one club and in the Championship Pairs at another club where he/she is a full member, but that player cannot compete in two Club Championships in respect of the same discipline.

Subscription Fees are as follows:

Full Playing Members$300.00
Limited Playing Members$200.00
Associate Members$100.00
Social Members$20.00
Secondary School Students$45.00
Honorary Members Nil
Life MembersNil

First year bowlers receive a 50% discount off the full playing member fee, recognizing they will have clothing and equipment outlays. Subscriptions become due on the 1 July each year and need to be paid by 1 October, or before playing in any Championship event, whichever is the earlier.

To become a member click on the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION print, complete and bring to the club or mail to Tawa Bowling Club, PO Box 51.041, Tawa 5249