Official Dress Code

Club Playing Uniform - worn when a player is representing Tawa Bowling Club home or away is-

  • Club shirt, as approved by the Executive Committee. (White with blue, gold and red design).
  • White or cream pants, shorts, or skirt.
  • Bowling footwear with smooth soles.
  • Optional- red Club jacket, red or white jersey/fleece.
  • Red or white cap or hat.

Alternative Playing gear

  • Black or white shirts and pants (or a combination of both) may be worn during home CLUB ONLY events on our greens.
  • (This excludes lnterclub, Pennants, Blight Cup, Brown Cup, Jim Graham Trophy, Tanner Trophy, Fowler Cup and similar events.)
  • Mufti dress is permitted for Wednesday afternoon roll up unless a Centre event is being played on the same green.
  • Previous TBC clothing with the old logo and colours (white, black, and gold) are now obsolete.  This clothing is not to be worn at club events.
  • Club shirts and jackets and caps can be purchased through the Club.  Order forms are on the noticeboard.
  • The club's red wind breaker jacket, bearing the club's badge, can be worn as part of the club uniform or when wearing mufti.

Wet Weather Gear

Either white or black wet weather gear may be worn during inclement weather.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Neat and tidy casual wear to be worn at all times.

First Aid / Medical Emergency

  • A basic first aid kit is located in the same place to take to the scene of the incident.
  • An automated defibrillator is located by the telephone in the entrance foyer and once activated it will talk you through the steps to use in an emergency.
  • Please tell the Secretary if you have used either kit so items can be replaced.


All the work around the club is done on a voluntary basis.  Your assistance is needed in keeping the clubhouse tidy by returning gear, used glassware and crockery to the correct place.  Many tasks around the club are performed on a rostered basis by club members.  If unable to do your rostered duty, please make every effort to find a replacement.  Should all efforts fail then contact your roster coordinator.


Bowls and personal effects belonging to members stored at the clubhouse are not covered by the Club's insurance.  Members are advised to ensure their own policies fully cover their bowls and effects while stored in the Clubhouse.

Interclub & Mid-Week Pennants

These competitions are played through the season.  They have a high profile within the club for both their competitive and social aspects.

Membership Cards

Once payment of your annual subscription fee is received the Treasurer will issue a membership card.  Cards must be carried when you are in the clubhouse or visiting other clubs.

Change of Contact Details

Please notify the Secretary if you change your address, telephone number or email.


The Wrong Bias is our club newsletter, issued fortnightly by email.  A copy is available in the Club rooms.  Articles and notices are welcome and should be emailed to: [email protected]


Both the visitor and the club member must sign the Visitors Book clearly and legibly, with the full address of the visitor shown.  The club member, as host, must remain with the visitor in the Clubhouse.

Key to Club

A key to the main gate and clubhouse can be obtained from the Bar Manager for $10.00.  It is very important that you lock up when you leave the premises.

Protection of the Greens

Members are asked to avoid damage to the greens by:

  • Not dumping bowls.
  • Early in the season when the natural green (Green 1) is soft, by standing on the bank unless delivering their bowls or directing the head.
  • Taking care in the use of scrims, lifting and rolling them carefully and accounting for all the pins.
  • Grippo or similar products should not be used on the bowls when playing on the artificial surface (Green 2).


  • Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is only permitted within three designated outdoor smoking areas of the Club, as indicated by signage.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any indoor area or under the clubhouse veranda.
  • Smoking is not permitted on Green 1 or Green 2.
  • Smokers are responsible for ensuring designated areas are kept litter free.
  • Members are asked to advise any visitor to the club, seen smoking in non-designated areas, of this club regulation.


  • Alcohol may be consumed inside the parameters of the Clubhouse until 12.00 pm and outside, but still within the confines of the Tawa Bowling Club premises, until 9.00 pm.
  • Alcohol purchased outside is not to be brought into the Clubhouse.
  • Our responsible host responsibility policy is displayed at the bar.  The same rules apply as in public bars, with regards to underage purchases of alcohol and levels of intoxication.

​​​​​​​Advice for New Bowlers

Any member of the Executive or coaches will be pleased to assist with any queries you may have.

Please feel free to use bowls belonging to the club during your first year or so.  You should try out several sizes to help you decide what bowls you will eventually procure.  Before purchasing bowls, you should seek advice from one of the coaches to assist you to obtain the bowls that best suit you.  Do not remove bowls from the Club without permission.

From time to time other club members have bowls and other items for sale at very reasonable prices.  Keep a lookout on the notice boards for these sales.


Roll-ups are scheduled for 1.30pm Saturday and 1.00 pm on Wednesdays.  Intending players must have their name discs in the draw box at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Roll-ups provide an excellent opportunity for members to meet one another.  New members are especially welcome.


Bowls Wellington Umpires Association is always keen to welcome new members and candidates for examination.  If you would like further information about umpiring, see one of our umpires.