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Wellington Centre Results sheets

Mens Pennants Instructions:

If playing at home:

  • Be at the club between 12.15 and 12.30pm for a 1.00pm start;
  • All players are to bring a plate of food for afternoon tea;
  • As the host you are to shout your opponent the first drink;
  • Team members are to help clean up in the kitchen once the visiting team leaves the club.

If playing away:

  • Team Managers are to arrange transport, collect result cards and return them to the match committee office on the day of play;
  • Meet at the Club at 12noon to arrive at the away Club in good time for a 1.00pm start;
  • If you are planning to travel direct to the playing venue let your Team Manager know so there is no waiting around for you to arrive;
  • If possible, all players are to take their turn at taking their vehicle because of the high petrol costs.