Programme Subject to Change

The Match Committee will make every endeavour to adhere to the programme, however, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances it may be necessary for changes to be made to the events and/or the conditions of play.  Changed details will be placed on the notice boards. Members should regularly check for changes.

Skips have the responsibility for advising their teams.

Start of Play

Play starts at 9.00am unless otherwise indicated.  Players and teams 10 minutes late without a reasonable explanation will, at the Match Committee's discretion, forfeit the game.

Close Off for Entries

Entries for events close at 4.00pm on the Saturday prior to the start date.  Don't leave entering to the last minute.

Drawn Games to be Resolved.

Unless otherwise indicated games that end in a draw are to be resolved by playing an extra completed end.


All cards must be signed by the skips and start & finish times entered.​​​​​​​

Tawa Bowling Club use Chartroom to control their events.

The draws and results for the current season are recorded at Tawa Events 2023–24