Indoor Football Waitaki Rules

1. All players must wear shin pads, long socks fully covering the shin pads, team coloured shirts, non-marking sports shoes, and shorts.

2. Females are permitted to play in track pants but must also wear shin pads etc

3. Males are only permitted to play in track pants if they are playing goal for the whole game

4. All players must provide and wear their own shin guards at all times during the game

5. Watches, bracelets, necklaces or hats are not permitted to be worn during the game

6. Teams must be ready prior to their designated game times

7. Every team participating in either competition must supply a list of a minimum of 5 players to the organisers before the first night of competition

8. On the first night of the season a team can add players to their team list and have them play the same night but this must be done prior to the players taking the court. From then on players must be added prior to the night of them playing

9. No additional players can be added to the team list after round 5 of the competition

10. A player is only permitted to play for 1 men's grade team and/or 1 mixed grade team entered in the competition

11. The maximum number of players permitted on the court for each team in any grade at any one time is 5

12. In the mixed grade competition a minimum of 2 registered female players and 2 registered male players must be on court at all times during the game, otherwise it will be a default

13. If a team does not have sufficient registered players available (less than the minimum stated in paragraph 11 above) that team will default the game and a score of 3-0 in favour of the opposition will be recorded as the game result. Should both teams default at the commencement of the game no points will be awarded

14. A team can only use a ring-in goalkeeper a maximum of 3 times in a season. If a team exceeds this amount then they will default. 

15. If a game is defaulted due to lack of players the organisers of the competition will arrange for a full team of players to enable a friendly game to be played

16. The points system for the competition is:

Win = 3 points                           Draw = 1 point                              Loss = 0 points

17. There is no limit as to the number of substitutes a team can have for each game

18. When a player is substituted the player being substituted must leave the court before the replacement player can enter the playing area

19. Changing of goal keepers can only occur when the referee has been notified and the ball is out of play

20. No part of the goal keeper's body is permitted to come out of the goal area. The goal area is marked by a sold semi-circle painted yellow on the court at each end

21. An outfield player cannot play the ball to the goalkeeper and immediately receive it back without a third player playing the ball

22. A goalkeeper cannot play the ball to an outfield player and immediately receive it back without a third player playing the ball

23. When taking a penalty kick from the spot, you may only take one step before kicking. If more than one step is taken it will be disallowed. Goal keepers are to stand behind the black line when the penalty kick is taken

24. Slide tackles and tackling from behind are not permitted

25. Players cannot use the walls to hold off opposing players

26. A high ball will be called by the referee if the ball exceeds the white wooden area/top of the railing around the court. (The referee will explain this height to the teams on the first night of competition if needed).

27. The goal area and other markings of the court will be explained to the teams on the first night of competition if needed

28. Teams cannot change goalkeeper until the referee indicates the ball is dead / stationary (high ball, free kick, etc) and the referee has confirmed the change can be made. Players must always notify the referee when a change of goalkeeper is going to be made

29. If a penalty is awarded, the defending team cannot change the goalkeeper before the kick is taken 

30. The referee can stand down a player for 2 minutes for persistent foul play, bad language or dissent

31. The referee can send off a player for the remainder of the game if that player has already served a stand down in that game and has continued to offend