2019 East Coast Year 7 & 8 Badminton Teams Tournament Results:

The Year 7 & 8 Badminton Inter School Annual Competition was held on Friday 14 June 2019 at the Hicks Bay Stadium. The competition was fierce, loud and a huge learning curve for many players who had never played before in an indoor facility with white lines and correct height nets. The teams were demonstrated good sportsmanship and there was a huge improvement in skills by the end of the day.

The format of the teams was a girls and boys competition with 4 players in each team, each player played with a different partner for each doubles match.

Thanks go to the schools that participated, to the teachers and caregivers of players, who looked after the teams during the day. Finally, to the Zoey Moana (sports co-ordinator), the high school students who umpired and became court marshals all stepping in to make the day most successful, a huge thank you were awesome.

Round Robin Competitions

Boys Qualifying Rounds:

Group A

Uawa Rua def Mangatuna Boys: 6 matches to 0; def  Tikitiki Boys: 5 matches to 1

                  def KKMT Boys 1: 6 matches to 0

Mangatuna Boys def  Tikitiki Boys: 3 matches to 2 and 1 game drawn; def KKMT Boys 1: 6 matches to 0

Tikitiki Boys def KKMT Boys 1: 4 matches to 2

Group B

Uawa Tahi def Rerekohu Boys Tahi 6 matches to 0; def Rerekohu Boys Rua: 5 matches to 1

                   def TKKM NTT Boys: 6 matches to 0

Rerekohu Boys Tahi def Rerekohu Boys Rua: 3 matches all; 78points to 66points; def TKKM NTT Boys: By default

TKKM NTT Boys def Rerekohu Boys Rua: 2 matches all; 73points to 67points

Girls Qualifying Rounds:

Group A

Rerekohu Girls def KKMT Girls 1: 3 matches to 2; def TKKM NTT Girls: 4 matches to 1        

 TKKM NTT Girls def KKMT Girls 1: 3 matches all; 78points to 66points                     

 Group B

Mangatuna/Uawa Girls def KKMT Girls 2: 6 matches to 0; def Ngata Girls: 6 matches to 0       

KKMT Girls 2 def Ngata Girls: 4 matches to 1