Under-15s taking part in team nationals

Eastland are represented at the New Zealand under-15 team badminton championships, which started in Palmerston North on Sunday.

Are team members are Stella Perano, Dane Berry, Manaia Puha, Hinekotukurangi Newth, Journey Waru, Adam Riley, Mark Draper, Cyhlus Tawhara, Ayla-Joe Stender, Temaramatanga Tautau and Tumanako McGhie.

They were in a round-robin Group A with Auckland 1, Bay of Plenty Blue and Wellington North.

Results: Auckland 1 defeated Eastland 16 - 0; Bay of Plenty Blue defeated Eastland 16 - 0; Wellington North defeated 1 Eastland 16 – 0.

In the first three ties the competition had been tough but it was pleasing to see some excellent results.  Against Bay of Plenty Dane Berry and Manaia Puha playing as No.1 boys’ doubles lost their first game 21-9 but refocused and came back in the second to narrowly lose by two points 22-20.

In the girls singles Temaramatanga Tautau narrowly lost her first game 21-17 but was no match in the second losing 21-7. Stella Perano and Journey Waru both showed a marked improvement in their singles play although they lost 21-14, 21-14 and 21-14, 21-16 respectively. In the boys’ singles Cyhlus Tawhara lost 21-11, 21-15. After losing their first game in the mixed doubles 21-7, Manaia Puha, and Hinekotukurangi Newth show determination to close the margin in the second game to four, 21-17.

In the tie against Wellington North, Stella Perano and Hinekotukurangi Newth show consistency and played as a team, although they lost 21-10, 21- 15. Stella continued to show improvement in her singles losing her first game 24-22 against Ella Pan the top Wellington North girl. Ella refocused and took the second 21-12.

Eastland was placed 4th in the group and now have moved into another round robin with Hutt Valley, Southland and Bay of Plenty Yellow.

On Monday Eastland loss to Hutt Valley 16-0, but the Eastland players have stepped up a notch and have shown marked improvement in their game..

In the boys’ doubles, Dane Berry and Manaia Puha lost 21-15, took the second game 21-18, played with determination in the third before losing 21-16. In the boys’ singles, Mark Riley had a narrow 21-18 loss in the first game before losing the second 21-9.  Cyhlus continued to build on his game plan and lost with close scores 21-17, 21-15. In the girls singles Hinekotukurangi Newth showed a big improvement in her game, losing 21-12, 21-16.

In the mixed doubles both Dane Berry and Stella Perano, and Cyhlus Tawhara and Journey Waru showed improvement in their skills and game plan, reaching doubles figures.

All results can be seen on Badminton New Zealand website.


For the second year in a row Badminton Eastland will have a team competing at the YONEX NZ U15 Team Championships 2019 at the Manawatu Stadium in Palmerston North from Sunday 7th July to Wednesday 10. July.

Last year Eastland was represented by a combined team from Gisborne and Wellington. This year the team is a full Eastland team managed by Cynthia Sidney, coached by Gabrielle Perano, and Roy Timoti will be travelling with the team.

The team is Stella Perano from Ilminster Intermediate, Dane Berry from Campion College, Manaia Puha, Hinekotukurangi Newth, Journey Waru, Adam Riley, Mark Draper, Cyhlus Tawhara, Ayla-Joe Stender, Temaramatanga Tautau and Tumanako McGhie all from Tolaga Bay Area School.

The competition is made up of sixteen teams, a round robin competition in the first two days, before teams are divided into a division one and two competition.

Eastland has been placed with Auckland 1, Bay of Plenty Blue and Wellington North. They play the top seeds Auckland 1 first.

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Junior Badminton Nationals in Palmerston North

Northern Region’s teams dominated the under-15 national teams’ badminton competition in Palmerston North last week. Division 1 was won by Auckland (1) from RJ Physio North Harbour 1 second. In 2018 all teams in Division 1 were from the northern region so it was fabulous to see Wellington North and Manawatu had joined the ranks this year.  Bay of Plenty Blue won Division 2, with Hutt Valley runners-up.

Eastland was represented by Stella Perano, Dane Berry, Manaia Puha, Hinekotukurangi Newth, Journey Waru, Adam Riley, Mark Draper, Cyhlus Tawhara, Ayla-Joe Stender, Temaramatanga Tautau and Tumanako McGhie.

On Day 3 of the competition Eastland played Eastland lost to Southland 15 matches 1. In the girls doubles Temaramatanga Tautau and Journery Waru won their first game 21-16, fought hard in the second losing 21-17 and let the opposition take the next 21 – 15. Stella Perano and Hinekotukurangi Newth lost their first game 19-21, dominated in the second winning 21-14, fought hard but again the opposition narrowly won 19-21.

In the singles Mark Draper was unfortunate to lose 26-24 in the first game but couldn’t keep up the pace losing the second 21-13. Journey Waru had a very close match losing both games 21-19, 21-19. Hinekotukurangi Newth was able to dominate her match winning 21-17, 21-18. Stella Perano lost her first game narrowly 21-19, she refocused and took the next game in another 21-19, but the opponent changed tactics and won the third 21-13.

Following this tie Eastland played Bay of Plenty Yellow and lost 12 matches to 4. Stella Perano and Journey Waru had a very close three game match, which they in won the third. The games were tight from the beginning with Eastland winning 21-17, losing the next 15-21 and taking the third 21-17. Hinekotukurangi Newth continued her winning run from the morning to win 21-14, 21-19. Stella Perano also dominated her singles match winning in two games 21-18, 21-15. In the mixed doubles Cyhlus Tawhara and Journey Waru had an excellent first game they won 21-10, lost the second 19-21 but were able to change their tactics and won the third narrowly 21-19.   

In the final tie of the tournament for Eastland was a win over Hawkes Bay 12 matches to 4.

The girls won all their singles matches and doubles matches building on the skills in game play they had developed over the competition. Top boys Manaia Puha, and Dane Berry also were in winning form winning all their matches in this tie.  

Eastland defeated Hawkes Bay 12 matches to 4.

Boys Doubles:

Berry & Puha, def Swan & Thomas 21-12, 21-12 Tawhara & Riley lost to Kossalwatte & Savill 22-20, 11-21, 7-21

Girls Doubles:

Perano & Waru def Macpherson & Mansfield

                                                                         21-13, 21--Newth & Tautau def Driver & Qian 21-13, 21-8

Boys Singles:

Puha def Swan 21-18, 21-10

Berry def Savill 21-15, 21-13

Tawhara lost to Thomas 18-21, 21-16, 17-21

Riley lost to Kossalwatte 21-16, 5-21, 11-21

Girls Singles: 

Perano def Mansfield 21-12, 21-18

Newth def Qian 21-9, 21-6

Waru def Macpherson 21-14, 21-16

Stender def Driver 17-21, 21-11, 21-15

Mixed Doubles:

Puha & Newth def Swan & Mansfield 21-12, 21-19

Berry & Perano def Thomas & Qian 21-6, 21-19

Tawhara & Waru def Savill & Macpherson 21-15, 21-10

Draper & Stender lost to Kossalwatte & Driver

                                                                            17-21 5-21

The Eastland team have had a great experience. Some of these players move on to play at the AIMS Games in Tauranga in September when they will have the opportunity to develop their skills and game tactics.

Thanks must go the Cynthia Sidney, who has taken this team away for two years, making sure players from Tolaga Bay get to practices and club nights, not an easy feat with the distances travelled weekly. Thanks also go to the continual support from Tolaga Bay Area School for their students to give them opportunities to participate in Gisborne and the outside region.

Thanks also to Gabrielle Perano, who has coached the team weekly in Gisborne, as well as giving up her time in the weekend to giving the students extra experiences to develop their skills. An awesome job well done. Finally to Roy Timoti, Softballs RDO, who travelled with the team and to all the parents, caregivers and supporters, who behind the scenes helped the team by fundraising, provided food and made sure the players attended practices and local events. 

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