Badminton Eastland’s Junior Tournament was recently held at the Badminton Centre.  Forty-seven junior players from local schools and clubs. A hundred and fifteen   matches in 16 events were played with energetic enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. Players who had participated in the Super 8 Badminton and at the Nationals under 15 teams tournament in July certainly showed their improvement in skills. First time players in a competition certainly showed improvement in their play during the day. Many matches were very close, the keenness to umpire matches was overwhelming and these skills also developed during the day.

The organisers were overwhelmed with the volunteers, who step in on the day to help run the event and thanked them for their contribution. They would like to thank Columbine Hosiery for their donation of prizes, as well as all parents/caregivers, who bought children to the venue and supported them all day.


U11 Singles Round Robin:                                             Elijah Wright def Taane Haerewa-Witeri21-6; def Ashleigh Brown 21-6; def Rikihana Taniwha 21-5;  Taane Haerewa-Witeri def Ashleigh Brown 21-5; def Rikihana Taniwha 21-16; Ashleigh Brown def Rikihana Taniwha 21-10                                                              Winner:  Elijah Wright                                                             Runner- up: Taane Haerewa-Witeri

U11 Doubles Round Robin ‘with a difference’:            Winners:  Elijah Wright, Rikihana Taniwha             Runner- ups: Taane Haerewa-Witeri, Ashleigh Brown

U13 Boys Singles Round Robin:                                        Te Ratu Davies def Tom Pinto 21-17; def Noah Wright 21-12; def Falon Reedy 21-6; Tom Pinto def Noah Wright 21-12; def Falon Reedy 21-6; Noah Wright def Falon Reedy 21-8.                                                              Winner:  Te Ratu Davies       Runner- up: Tom Pinto

U13 Girls Singles Championships:                                      Tegan Hayward  def Ema Elliment 21-16; Mohiraia Abraham def Jasmine Kelso  21-19.                               Te-Raipine Rangiuaia def Chelsea Wanoa 24 -22              Semi-Finals: Tegan Hayward  def Liana Watene 21-13  Mohiraia Abraham def Te-Raipine Rangiuaia 21-18   Final: Mohiraia Abraham def Tegan Hayward  21-18

U13 Girls Singles Plate Round Robin:                              Ema Elliment def Chelsea Wanoa  21-11; def Liana Watene 21-12;  def Jasmine Kelso 21-6. Chelsea Wanoa def Liana Watene 21-16 13-21 21-19;  def Jasmine Kelso 21-17. Liana Watene def Jasmine Kelso 21-9                                                                                Winner:  Ema Elliment          Runner- up: Chelsea Wanoa 

U13 Doubles Round Robin:                                                Tom Pinto & Noah Wright def  Tegan Hayward & Jasmine Kelso 21-19; def Mohiraia Abraham & Te-Raipine Rangiuaia  22-20; def Falon Reedy & Chelsea Wanoa 21-17. Tegan Hayward & Jasmine Kelso def Mohiraia Abraham &Te-Raipine Rangiuaia  21-18;            def Falon Reedy & Chelsea Wanoa 21-19.Mohiraia Abraham &Te-Raipine Rangiuaia def Falon Reedy & Chelsea Wanoa 21-11                                                    Winner: Tom Pinto def Noah Wright                              Runner- up: Tegan Hayward & Jasmine Kelso

Junior Boys Singles Championships:                                Luke Stoltenberg def Omahia Harrington 21-11 21-5;  Harry Naske def  Cedric Thompson-Cooper 21-12  21-15; Dane Berry def  Cyhlus Tawhara  21-10 21-8.  Manaia Puha def Jalah Chambers 21- 5 21-15; Luke Stoltenberg def Ryan Robinson  17-21 21-14 22-20   Dane Berry def   Harry Naske 21-121-12; Jesse Russell  def Tumanako Mcghie 21-8 21-3                              Semi-finals:                                                                          Manaia Puha def Luke Stoltenberg 21-15 21-12     Jesse Russell def  Dane Berry  21-14 21-16                 Final:  Jesse Russell def  Manaia Puha 21-12 21-19

Junior Boys Singles Plate Round Robin:                   Group A:                                                                               Ryan Robinson  def Jalah Chambers 21- 9 21-15;            def Cedric Thompson-Cooper 21-2  21-7. Jalah Chambers def Cedric Thompson-Cooper 21-11  21-6     Group B:                                                                              Cyhlus Tawhara def Omahia Harrington  16-21 21-15 22-20; def Tumanako Mcghie 21-1 21-1.                  Omahia Harrington def Tumanako Mcghie 21-13 21-16

Play-offs:                                                                                 Final: Ryan Robinson def Cyhlus Tawhara 21-10 21-13  Seconds: Omahia Harrington def Jalah Chambers- 23-21 21-23 21-1                                        Thirds: Tumanako Mcghie def Cedric Thompson-Cooper 21-15 21-13

Junior Girls Singles Championship:                                    Daina Stevenson def  Lane Barlett 21-13 12-21 21-17Journey Waru def Te Maramatanga Tautau 21-18 16-21 23-21; Jessica Hayward def Suriah Maats 21-6 21-7Stella Perano def Daina Stevenson 21-6 21-3; Journey Waru def  Terina Maraki 21-12 21-18. Riva-Lee Habib def Jessica Hayward 21-18; Hine Newth def Elina Pohatu-Tulia 21-6 21-3                                                 Semi-finals:                                                                           Stella Perano def Journey Waru 21-8 21-14               Hine Newth def Riva-Lee Habib 21-7 21-13               Final:  Stella Perano def Hine Newth  21-11 21-12

Junior Girls Singles Plate Round Robin:                   Terina Maraki def Te Maramatanga Tautau 21-12 14-21 22-20; def Elina Pohatu-Tulia 21-9 21-16; def              Lane Barlett 21-18 21-4; def Suriah Maats  21-2 21-7 Te Maramatanga Tautau def Elina Pohatu-Tulia 21-13 22-20; def Lane Barlett 21-9 21-6; def Suriah Maats    21-4 21-6; Elina Pohatu-Tulia def Lane Barlett 21-15 21-18; def Suriah Maats   21-9 21-10; Lane Barlett def Suriah Maats   21-16 21-19                                       Winner:  Terina Maraki                                                           Runner- up: Te Maramatanga Tautau

Junior Girls Singles Special Plate Round Robin:        Riva-Lee Habib def Jessica Hayward 21-17 21-16;  def Daina Stevenson 21-5 21-7;                                        Jessica Hayward def Daina Stevenson 21-10 21-16       Winner:  Riva-Lee Habib                                               Runner- up: Jessica Hayward

Junior Boys Doubles Round Robin:                                Group A: Dane BerryManaia Puha def Harry NaskeLuke Stoltenberg  21-6 21-10; def Jalah Chambers & Cedric Thompson-Cooper  21-9 21-3; Harry NaskeLuke Stoltenberg  def Jalah Chambers & Cedric Thompson-Cooper  21-11 21-16

Group B: Ryan Robinson & Jesse Russell  def Te Ratu Davies & Omahia Harrington 21-12 21-11;                      def Tumanako Mcghie & Cyhlus Tawhara 21-7 21-5.   Te Ratu Davies & Omahia Harrington def Tumanako Mcghie & Cyhlus Tawhara 21-16 13-21 21-18               Play-offs:                                                                                  Final:  Dane BerryManaia Puha def Ryan Robinson & Jesse Russell  21-12 21-19                                          Seconds: Harry NaskeLuke Stoltenberg def Te Ratu Davies & Omahia Harrington 21-13 21-15                          Thirds: Jalah Chambers & Cedric Thompson-Cooper def Tumanako Mcghie & Cyhlus Tawhara 12-21 21-18 21-16  

Junior Girls Doubles:                                                    Terina MarakiDaina Stevenson def  Suriah Maats & Liana Watene 21-9 21-7; Ema Elliment & Te Maramatanga Tautau def Jessica Haywood &  Elina Pohatu-Tulia 21-10 21-19; Riva-Lee Habib & Journey Waru  def Lane Barlett &  Tegan Hayward 21-8 21-5. Semi-finals:  Stella Perano & Hine Newth def Terina MarakiDaina Stevenson 21-12 21-7; Riva-Lee Habib & Journey Waru def Ema Elliment & Te Maramatanga Tautau 21-12 21-16                                                     Finals: Stella Perano & Hine Newth def Riva-Lee Habib & Journey Waru 21-11 21-16

Junior Girls Doubles Plate Round Robin:                            Jessica Haywood &  Elina Pohatu-Tulia def Lane Barlett &  Tegan Hayward 21-12;  def  Suriah Maats & Liana Watene 21-6 21-12; Lane Barlett &  Tegan Hayward def  Suriah Maats & Liana Watene 21-12                           Winner:  Jessica Haywood &  Elina Pohatu-Tulia    Runner- up: Lane Barlett &  Tegan Hayward

Junior Girls Doubles Special Plate Round Robin:          Final: Terina MarakiDaina Stevenson def Terina MarakiDaina Stevenson 19-21 21-11 21-19 

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