Representative teams for 2013 were announced on Sunday by the selector Bruce Ledger for the coming season. This is the first time for a few years that a selection process has had to be followed and it was pleasing to see Badminton Eastland having 3 teams in Inter Provincial Competitions; Masters, Veterans and for the first time a Super-Veterans Team.

Debbie Brown
Alicia Richardson-Marr
Gabe Perano

Makuini Winiata
Janice Hannam

David Colbert
Mark Beard
Justin Kent
Ross Hannam                   

Gary Teague

Reserves: Ra Leach

Sonia Jones
Sheree Gray
Ra Leach
Annabel Riwaka

Ron Prebble
Kevin Taylor
Matheus Batlajeri
Alan Ledger

Reserves: Linda White, Cynthia Sidney, Helen Morley

Super Vets
Kahu Brown
Linda White
Helen Morley

Robert Cameron
Ron Prebble
Matheus Batlajeri