Relay tourney proves big hit with players



Finals Night

The final round of the two-week relay tournament was held at the Badminton Centre on Wednesday. Some skillful play and close matches were on show. Remembering the score was still a big issue.

Junior players Jesse Russell and Rubi Perano filled in for two masters players who pull out of the event due to illness.

The winning team members were Dave Colbert, Gabe Perano, Adrianne McLeod, Linda White and Amy McNay (Alert 1), with 242 points. Runners-up were Ron Prebble, Alan Ledger, Rubi Perano (subsitute for Debbie Brown), Stella Perano and Dane Berry (Alert 3), with 217 points.

The plate event was won by Hamish Ledger, Makuini Winiata, Kanamik Khan, Corey Lugtig, Ruth Ledger (Alert 4) with 207 points. Runners-up  two points back were Justin Kent, Ross Hannam, Jesse Russell (subsitute for Victoria West), Donna Lugtig and Iain West, with 205 points.


Court 1: Dave Colbert/Adrianne McLeod def Ron Prebble/Rubi Perano 31/21; McLeod/Amy McNay def Dane Berry/ Rubi Perano 62/55; McNay/Linda White lost to Berry/Stella Perano 86/93; White/McLeod lost to R & S Perano 118 to 124

Court 2: Gabe Perano/ McNay lost to Alan Ledger/ Berry 22/31; Colbert/White def Prebble/S Perano 62/55; G Perano/ McLeod def A Ledger/ R Perano 93/71; Colbert/G Perano def Prebble/A Ledger 124/93

COVID Plate:

Court 3: Justin Kent/Jesse Russell def Hamish Ledger/Kanamik Khan 31-27; Russell/Iain West lost to Khan/Ruth Ledger 42-62; Donna Lugtig/I West lost to Corey Lugtig/R Ledger 55/93; Russell/ D Lugtig lost to Khan/ C Lugtig 81/124

Court 4: Ross Hannam/Iain West lost to R Ledger/Makuini Winiata 28/31; Justin Kent/D Lugtig def H Ledger/C Lugtig 62/52; Hannam/ Russell def Khan /Winiata 93/72; Kent/Hannam def H Ledger/Winiata 124/83

Players mixed and matched for relay

The first round of a two-week Relay Tournament was held at the Badminton Centre on Wednesday night. Organisers were delighted with the enthusiasm of the 20 players entered who took part. Top masters and super-veteran mixed with junior, club and BIZminton players.

Eastland’s Masters team will play the first round of their interprovincial ties in Bay of Plenty on 1st August and the super veterans will host teams in Gisborne later on August 15, so it was a good opportunity for team members to practise their skills in a competitive environment after lockdown.

A relay tournament a team event in which players enter as individuals and are assigned to teams chosen to be of equal overall ability. They include players from different levels and of different abilities. Teams compete in ties, made up of short matches that begin at the score of the preceding match. As the matches are completed the winning score is progressively increased until the winner of the final match is the winner of the tie.

In Eastland’s version of the relay format, the players were divided into four teams of eight combinations - men’s, women’s and mixed doubles. Match 1, on each court was first to 31. Match 2 began at Match 1 score and continued until 62. Match 3 then began from the score of Match 2 and continued until 93. This continued until the final match, concluding at 124.

The matches were all close. Starting the event, Gabe Perano and Linda White defeat Victoria West and Donna Lugtig 31-30 in a contest that could of gone either way. In Round 3, Ron Prebble and Stella Perano started at 62 with their opponents Hamish Ledger and Corey Lugtig at 36. Hamish and Corey battled but after winning 53 points they couldn’t overtake Ron and Stella, who won 31 points and reached the 93 mark first.

The biggest issue was remembering the score – a first for all with big numbers


Court 1: Gabe Perano/Linda White def Victoria West/Donna Lugtig 31-30; G Perano/Adrianne McLeod lost to Ross Hannam/V West 54-62; Dave Colbert/White lost to Justin Kent/D Lugtig 92-93; McLeod/Amy McNay def Hannam/Iain West 123-116

Court 2: Colbert/McLeod def Kent/Hannam 31-24; McNay/White def D Lugtig/I West 62-49: G Perano/McNay def V and I West 93-68: Colbert/G Perano def Kent/V West 123-92

Court 3: Debbie Brown/Stella Perano def Corey Lugtig/Makuini Winiata 31-21; Alan Ledger/Brown def Kanamik Khan /Winiata 62-36; Ron Prebble/S Perano def H Ledger/C Lugtig 93-89; A Ledger/Dane Berry def K Khan/Ruth Ledger 124-121

Court 4: Prebble/A Ledger lost to H Ledger/Khan 23- 31; S Perano/Berry lost to C Lugtig/R Ledger 56-62; Brown/Berry def Winiata/Khan 93-77; Prebble/Brown def H Ledger/Winiata 124-106.

Final Results

Alert 1 defeated Alert 2: 246 points to 208 points; Alert 3 defeated Alert 4 248 points to 227points