ICT & E-Learning

​​​​​​​Birkenhead College has a robust network that enables staff and students to work in a flexible online environment via our school WiFi.

We provide filtered Internet access via the Ministry of Education funded N4L (see video, right, for more information), which is provided for teaching and learning. All students and staff are expected to adhere to the Online Safety Agreement which is signed by students as part of their enrolment process. We are also proud to be a Netsafe school, and encourage our students to follow the simple guidelines set out to keep them safe online.

All students are provided with a short induction programme, giving them a clear understanding of how our school network operates, and this enables them to set up an online learning environment via Google Apps for Education.


In 2019 Birkenhead College implemented a formal BYOD programme for all Year 9 students. The goal of this initiative was have all students bring their own device to school for learning. As of 2023, we have realised this goal, and all students bring their own device to school for learning.

Having a personal device at school encourages students to be more digitally fluent and to work in more collaborative and engaging ways. Students engage in rich and diverse learning activities that ensure their experience of the online world is supported by knowledge and skills.

For students who are unable to bring a personal device, the school provides a range of access options including:

  • Daily Chromebook loans from our library (great for short periods of time when your own Chromebook is out of action)

  • Specialist labs, equipped with high-end computers

  • In-class access via school-owned pods of Chromebooks

Please be aware that with all personal items brought to the college, any damage or repairs are the responsibility of the student.  Birkenhead College has no liability for personal equipment, including any devices used on our campus. Please make sure your device is always secure and you have insurance to cover any damage or loss.

​Please contact Deputy Principal Nigel Snookes if you have any more questions about our BYOD initiative.


We advise all students that a Chromebook is a great choice because of these reasons:

  • it's quick to log on
  • the battery life is great
  • there is some limited tech support at school if things go wrong
  • you can print easily to copiers around the school
  • it the school manages your Chromebook, we can help to find it if it goes missing
  • it works well with the Google Suite, which is used by all students

If you do NOT bring a Chromebook, please be aware that:

  • you won't be able to use it for printing
  • you may have to borrow a device for school exams
  • the school provides no I.T. support if things go wrong
  • ​​​​​​​sometimes connecting to the school Wi-Fi is more difficult


Students need to bring a Chromebook as their school device. There are two key specifications to consider when purchasing the Chromebook:

  1. It needs to have a battery life of at least 6 hours

  2. It needs at least 4GB of RAM

There are a range of Chromebooks available, and we have included some good options above and on our stationery lists for 2023 here. We also have flyers for different distributors at Reception if you require further direction.