2019/20 results received.

Presidents Hetero Fours held on 12th February 20

1st Bill Buchan,  Terry Wotherspoon, Matt. Scott, Garry Bond 3.5 Wins +23

2nd Bill Hynd, Jim Riddell, Glenis Riddell, Mike Amy 3 Wins +41

3rd Peter Taylor, Elza Hunter, Ken Slater, Bill Willsley 3 Wins +29

4 December 2019

Hetero Ham Triples

1st  B. Buchan M. Scott C. Haronga 4 wins 27

2nd  B. Ferrick M. Friar D. Porteous 3 wins 22

3rd  W. Parker B. Godber B. Wakely 3 wins 16

2018/19 results 

Results of the 2019 Prncess Alexandra Winter Triples held at Bowls Hastings on the 14th July

1st - Dave Porteous, Mike Friar, Nacy Tucker

2nd - Grant Sargison, Jenny Sargison, Gary Elliott

3rd - John Overend, Shane Overend, Faye Lacey

Best Last Game Bill Hynd, Mike Davies, Jim Riddell

Results of the 2019 Ross Morgan Junior Triples held at Bowls Hastings on the 13th July

1st - Charles Haronga, Tasha Haronga, Liz Fitch

2nd - Cam Cochrane, Zey Rio daSilva, Hanna Rio da Silva

3rd - Faye Lacey, Linda Francis, Steve Cowan

2017-18 Mixed Open Tournaments

Saturday 30 June 2018

Princess Alexandra Mixed Triples

1st  D Walford L Pinker P Spencer 3 wins Diff 16

2nd  J Riddell B Hynd P Gordon 3 wins Diff 12

3rd  J Overend S Overend P Moore 3 wins Diff 8

11 April 2018

Open Mixed 2x4x2 Pairs

1st G Allerby M Allerby 4 wins + 13

2nd  B Hynd T Cross 3 wins + 22

3rd  R Wallace J Cornish 3 wins + 16

Best Last Game:  D Lacey L Law + 6 on c/b

7 February 2018

Presidents Day Fours

1st  Bill Smoothy Peter Shea Sandy Robinson Graeme Algar 4 wins + 28

2nd  Bill Buchan Linda Sowersby Terry Wotherspoon Steve Asquith 3.5 wins +7

3rd  Darryl Lacey Peter Kennedy Brian Johnston Graeme Fulford 3 wins + 15

4th  Kim Ballard Dave Horne Noel Shaw Cliff Hodgson 2.5 wins + 17

6 December 2017

Princess Alexandra sponsored Hetero Ham Tournament

1st  Terry Franklin Ian McCracken Val Leadley 4 wins

2nd  Peter Wester Trish Cross Pauline Gordon 3 wins + 24 on c/b

3rd  Joy Iti Sue Tapuae Lyn Hill 3 wins + 24

2016-17 Mixed Open Tournaments

22 July 2017

Princess Alexandra Mixed Fours

1st  P Kennedy D Cooper N Fifield M Walker (Havelock North) 4 wins

2nd  M Friar J Pearce S Morgan L Pearce (Hastings) 3 wins and Draw

3rd  B Godber R Wallace B Exeter I Mason (Composite) 3 wins on c/b

Unlucky Teams:  D Palmer's Team

                              D Walford's Team

9th July 2017

Ross Morgan Invitation Junior Hetero Triples

1st  P Viggers S Viggers G Hall 4 wins +12

2nd  V Withey P Jones M Phillips 3 wins +14

3rd  Equal :  R Morgan M Hapuku P Scott 3 wins + 9

3rd Equal:    J Pearce L Pearce S Morgan 3 wins + 9

8 February 2017

Presidents Day Fours

1st  P Young L Fitness G Larking S Glock 4 wins +35

2nd  G Fulford I Mason H Leyland D Lacey 4 wins + 24

3rd  B Stewart P O'Neill B O'Sullivan L Stewart 3.5 wins +37

Best Last Game:  D Walford B Oemcke H van Leeuwen P Spencer + 9

8 December 2016

Hetero Ham Triples

1st  T McGurk R Palmer W McCarthy 4 wins 13

2nd  B Wakely B Godber S Glock 3 wins 23

3rd  B Stewart L Stewart B O'Sullivan 3 wins 17

Lucky Team:  E Lange M Davies N Shaw

26 October 2016

Hetero Open Triples:

1st  B Stewart L Stewart B O'Sullivan 3 wins 64

2nd  L Fitness S Glock G Lamason 3 wins 46

3rd  L Fitness B Wakely B Godber 2.5 wins 39

Lucky Team:  D Porteous I McCracken L Pinker