2019/20 Bowls Hastings MEN'S CLASSIC held on 21st & 22nd September -

Kindly sponsored by Ross Morgan.

1st  Dean Drummond, Jim Bentley Craig Drummond, Merv Brown 67 points

2nd Dave Porteous, Grant Sargison, Peter Wester, Gary Elliott 60 points

3rd  Bill Hynd, Jim Riddell, Gary Allerby, Mike Amy 59 points

Best Result 1st Day  Barry Wakelys team 4 wins

Best Results 2nd Day  Ray Scotts team 4 wins

Results of the 2019 Best Forsyth Triples held at Bowls Hastings on the 15th & 16th June

1st - Pat O'Neil, Tony Terry, Mike Issacson

R/Up - Barry Wakely, Glenn Allen, Ian Mason

3rd - Campbell Cochane, Cliff Marshall, Marl Kilmister

4th - Darryl Lacey, John Overend, Peter Kennedy

Plate Winner - Merv Brown, Wayne Parker, Aaron Bryant 

2018/19 Bowls Hastings MEN'S CLASSIC - kindly sponsored by Ross Morgan.

Results: Best first day not otherwise in prize list: Mike Phillips, Mike Amy, Vern Withey & Jon Pearce – (Bowls Hastings) (Top 1st day with 27 ½ pts – 3 wins draw.

Best 2nd day: Joe Johanson, Merv Brown, Aaron Bryant & Peter Bryant (Bay View) - 23 pts Bruce Stewart’s  & Denis Biggs’ teams scored 22 ½ - not enough.

3rd: Ian Porteous (Wanganui), Dave Porteous, Ian Mason & Grant Sargison (Comp) – 2nd= first day, leading going into last game – crashed.

2nd:Barry Wakely, Jim Cornish, Brian Godber & Maurice Williams (Omarunui) – Ross Hamilton (Taradale replaced Maurice 2nd day through sickness).

1st: Murray Glassey, Jim Bentley, Dean Drummond & Craig Drummond (Bowls Hastings – 4th first day,  2nd going into last game.

Unusually the two visiting teams from Palmerston North did not feature.


2017-2018 Men's Open Tournaments

Ross Morgan 4 Man Classic 23/24 September

1st  Murray Glassey Dean Drummond Craig Drummond Peter Wester 6 wins 1 Draw 55 1/2 points

2nd  Joe Johanson Peter Bryant Terry McGurk Jack Halka 6 wins 52 points

3rd  Bruce Stewart Ian Mason Michael Brown Shane Kingston 5 wins 2 Draws 50 points

Best Result 1st Day  Mike Phillips Vern Withey John Pearce Mike Amy 4 wins

Best Results 2nd Day  Denis Biggs Peter Jones Pat O'Neil Mika Hapuku 3 wins 1 Draw

2016-17 Men's Open Tournaments

15/16 July

Best Forsyth Sponsored Triples

1st  M Glassey G Keighley M Le Geyt (Hastings)

2nd  P Golder F Golder P Sorensen ( Composite)

3rd  D Drummond M Hapuku J Pearce (Hastings)

4th  T Terry M Isaacson P O'Neil (Hastings)

Day 1  B Ferrick M Friar F Grantham (Composite)

Day 2 B Stewart J Granger A Stewart (Havelock North)

24/25 September

​​​​​​​Ross Morgan Sponsored Heretaunga Classic

1st M Glassey C Drummond D Drummond J Bentley  7 wins 59 pts

2nd B Hynd G Allerby K Ballard J Riddell 6 wins 55 pts

3rd G Hall P Viggers P Young G Hodges 6 wins 52 pts

4th R Morgan F Golder P Golder P Harrison 6 wins 50.5 pts

1st Day One Dave Porteous' Team

1st Day Two Bill Buchans' Team


Best Forsyth Mens 2 Bowl Triples
1st B Wakely M Isaacson P O'Neil
2nd M Glassey G Keighley M LeGeyt
3rd P Selby D Johnson N McCutcheon
4th P Golder A Newman F Golder

Ross Morgan Triples 2nd July
1st M Phillips R Morgan L Carrington 4 Wins 46/9
2nd P Viggers K Redmond G Hall 4 Wins 46/20
3rd S Passey F Lacy L Francis 3 Wins 43

2 Bowl 2 End Pairs 25th June
1st M Glassy J Bentley
2nd M Davies D Anderson
3rd M Amy D Horne

Karamu Holden Hetero 2x4x2
24th February
1st B Rivers N Tucker 3.5 Wins
2nd E Lange J Poots 3 Wins 24
3rd T Franklin T Cross 3 Wins 20
Best Last Game B & L Stewart 11 17 For

Presidents Hetero Fours
1st E Lange M Friar J Poots J Iti 3 Wins 47
2nd B Hynd J Stables J Riddell M Francis 3 Wins 38
3rd I Mason I vanLeeuwen M Wakefield V Leadley 3 Wins 20
4th J Bentley P O'Neil L Golder H Bentley 3 Wins 15

Ross Morgan 4 Man Classic 26/27 September
1st B Wakely B Godber L Fitness K Robson 2nd B Hall G Hall P Minogue P Mouat
3rd I Mason T Johnson M Brown D Stevenson
1st Day T Terry M Isaacson D Biggs P O'Neil
2nd Day C Marshall P Sorenson M Geldard G Taylor

Karamu Holden Mens Open 2x4x2 Pairs 1/2nd July.
1st J Bentley & D Drummond (Heretaunga)
2nd D Stevenson & C Marshall (Napier)

Best Forsyth Mens 2 Bowl Triples 11/12th July
1st B Looker D Gilshan P Austin(Palmerston North) 22 pts
2nd B Stewart D Biggs B O'Sullivan(Heretaunga) 18pts
3rd D Henderson P Viggers L Fitness (Taradale) 17pts
Day 1 B Plant B Cavey L Carrington (Heretaunga) 9pts
Day 2 B Wynks S Toms R Ellery (Takaro) 9pts