Webber Shield Results:

2019 Results 

1st T. Terry V. Withey P. Golder P. Terry

2nd B. Hall G. Hall G. Hodges P. Minogue 

3rd B. Wakely B. Godber M. Williams L. Fitness

4th J. Byrne I. Mason R. Jefferson L. Lewinsky

Hawera Cup

1st J. Johanson W. Parker T. McGurk G. Cross

2nd G. Sargison D. Porteous M. Friar P. Scott

2018 Results

Webber Shield

1st W. Parker J. Johanson T. McGurk C. Cross

2nd B. Wynks Team

3rd M. Duncan Team

4th B. Stewart Team

Hawera Cup 

1st J. Philip G. Fulford D. Bond J. McLaughlin

2nd B. Hall Team

Webber 2017 Results:  1st: D Lacey, S Kingston, I Mason, B Stewart (S)

2nd: C Norris, D Adams, M Noble, B Wynks

3rd: G Hall, D Palmer, P Minogue, B Hall

4th: V Withey, P Terry, P Golder, T Terry

Hawera Cup: 1st, J McLaughlin, P Kennedy, J Philip, G Fulford.

2nd: J Garnham, G Cross, W Parker, J Johanson

2016 Results
1st V Withey P Terry P Golder T Terry (S)
2nd B Harris B Mudgway T Jensen S Love (S)
3rd S Toms C Norris M Noble B Wynks (S)
4th D Tyrell R Dunn J Young K Greeks (S)
Hawera Cup
1st G Curtis A Burton T Curtis D Hayward (S)
2nd P O'Neil D Porteous S Kingston I Mason (S)

2015 Results.
1st B Harris B Mudgway T Jensen S Love(S)
2nd D Porteous L Toms S Toms B Wynks(S)
3rd J Riddell B Plant M Friar B Hynd(S)
4th K Robson B Godber J Johanson B Wakely(S)
Hawera Cup
1st G Hall P Minogue G Hodges B Hall(S)
2nd G Curtis A Burton T Curtis T Rossiter(S)

2014 Results
Webber Shield
1st Charlie Dixon,John Young,Dennis Biggs,Tony Terry(S)
2nd Colin Salmon,John McLaughlin,Frank Grantham,Bruce Ferrick(S)
3rd Paul Selby,Terry McGurk, Joe Johanson,Dean Drummond(S)
4th Bruce O'Sullivan,Byron Brook,Jim Bentley,Bruce Stewart(S)
Hawera Cup
1st Terry Rossiter,Allen Burton,Glen Curtis,Terry Curtis(S)
2nd Kevin Ford,Rex Dunn,Malcolm Snowling,Ken Greeks(S)

The Webber Shield has been competed for since 1943 and in the past (because of the huge number of entries) used all the bowling greens in Hastings. This esteemed fours event is a marathon test of endurance that covers four days of play, two games per day and uses the 25 ends per game format without a time limit, The Hawera Cup is awarded to the winner of B Section.