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Media Statement Oct 2017 - Remedial works underway at Carterton Indoor Swimming pool.

Following a recent review undertaken by the Carterton Swimming Club (CSC), immediate remedial works are underway to ensure a safe environment for their users.

The risk assessment of the indoor pool roof identified urgent remedial work is required to improve the safety of some of the acoustic panels and supporting batons.

CSC President, Dean Adams explains the importance of providing a safe facility for the pools users. “There is a significant risk that some of these materials could fall from the roof, the sooner we get in to repair them the better.”

Carterton Swimming Club has temporarily braced some of the roof near the entrance until the panels and batons at the northern end of the complex can be removed. This work is expected to have been completed on the afternoon of Saturday 28 October.

“We will continue to assess the rest of the roof panels and batons and remove or add support to those that require it. At some future date there may be a temporary closure required to facilitate this process, however our desire is to keep any disruption to community use of the facility to a minimum. “

Mr Adams understands that this may cause inconvenience for pool users, but informing them of potential risks is essential to their operations.

“As a committee we need to react swiftly to ensure we are making accurate decisions.  We will try and notify pool users as swiftly as possible of any works that need to be undertaken via email, our Facebook Page and our website.”

Mr Adams also acknowledges the support of the swimming community.

“We can’t thank our community enough for their continuing support and patience through this process.”

While these immediate remedial works are being undertaken Carterton Swimming Club continues to work with Carterton District Council to develop a plan to provide various swimming options for the Carterton community. A draft plan is expected to be released before Christmas.

Deputy Mayor Russell Keys, the CDC liaison with CSC, says the council is assisting the club as they work through their issues.

“The indoor swimming facility is incredibly important to the Carterton community, and we’re more than happy to use our expertise to assist the swimming club.”

“We’ve agreed in the short term to help the club with their water treatment and testing (which we’ve just started doing again for our outdoor pool to get it ready for summer).  We’re also providing some health and safety advice to the Club.”


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