Judge of Stroke 

The JOS position is intended to give experienced national IOTs an opportunity to experience officiating from the side of the pool before moving on to train as a referee.National IOTs may be invited by the SW RTOP to commence training at JOS.JOSs may work at positions 2, 3 or 4, but not at position 1 or as referee (i.e. JOSs, are not permitted to whistle the start of races or to sign-off DQs under any circumstances).Only regionally qualified JOSs and referees, or trainee JOSs approved by the RTOP may act as JOS at ‘Signature’ or regional level meets.


Referees have ultimate responsibility that the rules of swimming (FINA, SNZ and SW) are applied accurately, fairly and consistently.The referee is responsible for ensuring that the above minimum officiating requirements are met and that the meet conforms with SNZ and SW regulations.Referees are expected to be available to act at meets at which they have no swimmers attending and to take a role in mentoring and training officials in their clubs and in the region.

Referee training: - no referee can commence training without the prior approval of the SW RTOP before being considered as a trainee referee, officials are, at a minimum, to have completed the regional JOS and regional starter qualifications.