SW Officials pathways – Wellington

An updated ‘Typical officials’ pathway’ was produced following the SW RTOP meeting on 31 May 2015. 

The pathway is an indication only and progress through the pathway will vary depending on the individual.

1. Regional assessmentAssessments for IOTs, JOSs, Starters and referees are conducted by members of the RTOP. These assessments typically occur at SW long course and short course championship meets*however assessments at other times are possible. * Only qualified officials or trainees who are eligible to be assessed, may officiate in that role at championship meets.

Trainees who wish to be considered for assessment must complete the application form (from the SW website) and submit their application to the RTOP, which must approve all applications.

SW starter/referee/JOS/IOT training programme – SW Metro League:  The SW Metro League is a major vehicle for identifying and commencing training new regional IOTs, starters, JOSs and referees.The following positions will be available at each years’ Metro League series: - A maximum of 2 x trainees starters (who must be qualified regional JOSs) - A maximum of 2 x trainee referees (who must be regionally qualified starters) - A maximum of 2 x trainee JOSs (who must be nationally qualified IOTs, with at least one years’ experience after achieving that qualification) - A maximum of 12 x trainee IOT positions are also available (there are allocated on a 1 x trainee position per team entered in the Metro League).

Trainee IOTs are required to have acted as timekeeper. If more than 12 nominations for trainee IOTs are received, the RTOP will conduct a selection process.Qualified officials will be appointed to oversee/mentor trainee officials in the above roles during the Metro League.

ActivityOfficials in all positions are required to remain active and to keep themselves up-to-date with changes in swimming rules.All officials at IOT level and above are required to be financial members of SNZ (as per the SNZ constitution).Officials (in any position) who have been inactive for a period of longer than 12 months may be required to undergo retraining and reassessment before continuing to officiate in that role.Officials are expected to act at meets at a variety of levels (e.g. club, inter-club, signature meets and regional competitions). As a guideline, officials who officiate only at club or inter-club meets will not be assigned that position at regional meets.