Inspector of Turns

An official who had first have completed one or more meets as timekeeper, may be considered to commence training as inspector of turns (IOT).

The following process must be followed for training IOTs:

At the commencement of training, the trainee is to be briefed by a member of the RTOP (or an approved delegate who is a qualified referee as a minimum). This person will then mentor the trainee for the remainder of the IOT training process) - For the first meet, the trainee is to observe only, alongside a qualified IOT - For the next two meets, the trainee is to be "buddied" with a qualified official (i.e. they may make recommendations for disqualifications but any infringements must also be observed by their buddy or another qualified official, who must counter-sign the infringement form).

For a further four meets the trainee IOT may act independently but must be closely monitored and any recommendations for infringements closely scrutinised - Trainee IOTs should be assigned an outside lane to ensure they are ‘covered’ by CIOTs, JOS and referees. They should be assigned single lanes wherever practical. - Trainees IOTs are encouraged to work away from their home pool as much as possible and to work at ‘Signature’ and regional level meets to gain experience working with a variety of key officials and other IOTs.

Until a trainee is assessed as being qualified, all recommendations for disqualification must specify ‘Trainee IOT’ in the position field.