Want to try netball? Or return to the game after a break? 
Christchurch Netball Centre (CNC) can help you get started, or find a new club and team, if you:

  • Will be leaving school and want to keep playing netball
  • Will be moving to Christchurch and want to join a club or team
  • Will be returning to netball after a break

CNC Summer Netball

Summer netball is a great place to start, offering both competitive and social grades. Individual registrations are available. For more information, click here - https://www.netballchristchurch.org.nz/seasons/summer-netball

Secondary School Transition

School leavers who need help navigating the club environment can call on Christchurch Netball Centre.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julia van Dyk, Netball Development Lead, Christchurch Netball Centre via .email

Click here for a complete list of clubs and club contacts.

Premier and Shield Competition

Grades are available in winter for serious competition with excellent club players as well as grades for more social players. Find out more - https://www.netballchristchurch.org.nz/seasons/premier-netball

The Premier 1 grade competition players (winter) contribute to the ANZ Premiership, National Netball League and age group teams. It is a high standard of competition which is played indoors on weeknights.

The top school/college teams play in Premier 2.

The Senior grades, particularly Senior 1 and 2 and Challenge 1 and 2 are very competitive with a mix of school based and club teams.

Please note - club trials can be held as early as the last week in February. Please follow Christchurch Netball Centre on facebook to follow key dates and news from the netball community.