Registration Process

Registrations for season 2024 are now open.

The official Christchurch Netball Centre Registration Form is now available online for your club/school.​​​​​​​

If you are wanting to register to play with a club or school please click here.​​​​​​​

This page is for club & school administrators.

There are three steps to the registration process:

1. Register players through the player online registration form.

2. Enter teams into TeamBuilder.

3. Assign players to Teams by dragging & dropping them in TeamBuilder.

Teams may also complete a supplementary grading information form, which is recommended but not compulsory.

You can email members an invitation to re-register for the 20234season (see How to invite your database back to re-register). This saves them having to re-enter their details as they simply click on the invite link on the invitation email, and it opens the 2024 form prefilled with their last season's details. ​​​​​​​

You can also send a link to your form to new members (see How to create a link to your form).​​​​​​​

For a comprehensive user guide of the registration process, please click the Registration User Guide on the right hand side.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Instructions for team NAMES and GRADES:

Please NAME your teams using letters from A-Z in alphabetical order from your highest to lowest grade team. No club shall have two teams with the same name/letter. Please DON’T include your club/school name within the team field.


Only clubs with seedings for the current season may enter teams into these grades. The seedings list is available on the CNC website (see Competitions/Premier League or Competitions/Winter Competition).


Teams that are not included in the seedings list that want to qualify for 2nd Grade MUST enter the Qualifying Tournament. Use grade ‘2nd Div 3’ for these teams. Teams that fail to qualify during the tournament will automatically be entered into 2B Grade. Please also refer to the CNC Grade Restrictions regarding the number of teams eligible per club.

ALL OTHER GRADES: Clubs are responsible for making sensible choices for the grades and divisions you set for teams for the Grading Round (first 5 games). CNC will consider the division you have nominated, but please note that CNC reserves the right to alter grades as it sees fit to create a balanced draw. Please use this division guide:

Div 1 – very good team with chance of winning the division/grade. Successful players from last season.

Div 2 – an average team which may have a mix of capabilities across players within the team.

Div 3 – mostly social team or a team of beginners or a team without an experienced coach.

Note: Teams will not be permitted to request specific times for playing games. However, teams may request either morning or afternoon games for a fee of $100.00 per request per round, such request to be submitted directly to CNC at time of entry. Time requests cannot be considered from teams in Grades with six teams or less. Due to Draw complexity time requests cannot be guaranteed.

The advantages of this online registration system for netball:

Netball centres generally require details of your teams before they need details of players. However clubs and schools need to know how many people wish to play each season before they can confirm their teams. Your netball centre has cut-off dates for the registration of teams and players for each season.The process described in the guide provides a complete solution: it facilitates the initial registration of players as well as providing a mechanism for your teams to become visible to your netball centre, and for you to then assign players to those teams.Your database of players is securely available to you to view and manage. You can add additional fields to the online Registration Form to ensure your database includes all the player details you need. This solution is commonly used by clubs/schools to replace paper forms or any alternative netball sign-up process. You can even add the ability for players to pay online when they register if you wish.

NNZ Regulation

A player may register with more than one Netball Centre in any one calendar year provided that such Netball Centres are in the same Zone (except for the situation in clause 6.2(e)).

A player registered in more than one Netball Centre must nominate which Netball Centre is her Primary Netball Centre on the registration form. The Primary Netball Centre shall take precedence if the player is selected as a representative player in more than one Centre.


Superforms make it easy for us to receive consolidated reports from all of our affiliated clubs & schools, while still respecting your privacy requirements.

Superforms is a proven solution that is designed to reduce workload and duplication as much as possible for administrators. Superforms make it easy for us to receive a consolidated report from all affiliated clubs & schools.

Importantly, you can also use this registration form as your own registration form for players/officials to register with you directly if you wish. You have the ability to add additional fields to the form that are specific to you (eg uniform information). Any data in your custom fields is not passed to us, but is securely available for you to use as an online database. This lets everyone's needs be met through the completion of one single web form, so that you don't need to run a separate parallel registration/consent process.

You can decide whether you wish to display this web form publicly to allow people to register with you online, or whether you prefer it to remain hidden so that you can login and enter player details yourself instead. Either way, you will have login access to view and modify details relating to your players, as well as to export your database to Excel, etc.

Once up and running, Superforms lets you:

* Roll forward people from last season to the next

* Send a group email to everyone registered through this solution last season that lets them re-register for the new season with just one click

* Watch your online database grow as people register through your form

* Easily see who hasn't re-registered from last season so you can chase them if you wish

* Customise the input fields on your registration form to suit your needs

* Accept online payments (click here for info on how to set this up)

Access to Sporty

If you are unsure of your login details of have had a change of administrator and require login details please email Sporty directly at [email protected]​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Please visit Sporty Online Help for instructions on how to manage your website and online registrations.