There are many ways that you can help this major improvement to the Kaimai backcountry happen.

1. Volunteer to assist with track maintenance - contact one of the clubs listed on our Contact page to join one of their work parties, or contact Tony or Roger to join any of their work parties

2. Volunteer to assist with hut construction or maintenance - contact one of the organisations listed as being responsible for hut maintenance, or contact Roger / Tony

3. Encourage groups or people you are in contact with to volunteer to join in the fun

4. Provide us with detailed information on the state of our tracks - see our various Kaimai Track Guides on this website for what we need to know

5. The firewood for Te Rereatukahia Hut's logburner needs to be flown in - if you are there and enjoy the warmth from the fire, or would like to be there, please visit our Kaimai Firewood GiveALittle page to contribute to the cost of this major improvement to the hut

6. Make a donation direct to our bank account BNZ 02 0192 0212664 000 then send us an email, so that we can send you a tax receipt (We are a charity, so donations are tax deductible)

7. Contact Tony or Roger to sponsor a specific improvement activity yourself

8. Contact Tony or Roger to provide fund raising suggestions