To maintain and improve the backcountry tracks, huts and campsites throughout the Kaimai Range, within the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park, in order to: 

  • provide a wider range of options in the Kaimai Range for day trips, overnight trips, and multi day trips; and
  • provide more places to stay for the people taking part in overnight and multi day trips

 Major projects completed in the last few years:

  • Significant upgrade of Te Rereatulahia Hut with the addition of a woodburner, outdoor sink, extended deck, painiting inside and out, boardwalks to the hut, construction of woodshed and toolshed
  • Major improvements, includiong installation of boardwalks and steps for the muddy sections of tracks in the Te Rereatukahia Hut area 
  • Construction of the new Pylon Peak Track to provide a great day loop above the Waiorongomai Valley and better access to the Old North Soiuth Track 
  • Resumption of maintenance on the Old North South Track from the Waipapa Track through to Te Rereatukahia Hut
  • Improvements in track condition throughout the Kaimai, including in the Mt Karrangahake area, Lindemanns Loop, the North South Track and tracks to Mangamuka Hut
  • Obtaining approval for and constructing a new hut - Te Whare Okioki - at the site of the former Ngamuwahine Shelter
  • Significant upgrade at Motutapere Hut
  • Restaining and painting at Hurunui and Mangamuka Huts

Immediate Work Priorities

  • Improvements to the hut surrounds at Te Whare Okioki
  • Installation of a second water tank at Te Rereatukahia Hut
  • Maintenance of the Kauritatahi Hut Track
  • Water tank installation / upgrade at Hurunui Hut, Mangamuka Hut, Kauritatahi Hut, Motutapere Hut and Daly's Clearing Hut
  • Identifying potential sites for future huts and initiating consultation and planning processes
  • Regular maintenance of the North South routes and key supporting side tracks